Job interviews are a pain and anybody who ever went through one can testify that they are the toughest times to choose what to wear.

But who says that dressing fashionable can’t be a good idea when you go for an interview? Well… It certainly is. You have the opportunity to dazzle the person interviewing you and nobody states that you should not do it in style.

1. Style 1: The Trendy Casual

If you are going to be interviewed for a position that will require field work, research and walking up and down the stairs consider a trendy casual look.

fashion styles 1

Jeans and rolled up sleeves jacket or a cute dress with delicate patterns will for sure impress. Do not forget to wear comfortable heals and for a cool effect wear a single piece of jewelry.

2. Style 2: Delicate And Chic

If the job you apply for involves details, attention and an eye for details, then a delicate outfit with significant eye catching details is very welcomed.

fashion styles 2

So accessorize and enjoy yourself wearing a spectacular bracelet, or a pair of colorful flats.

3. Style 3: The Corporate Diva

When applying for a position inside a corporate office, be sure that they are looking for suits. But if you go D&G and Gucci the suit will be a statement you make about your value.

fashion styles 3

Be fabulous and classy and you will surely get the job. Keep in mind that you are expected to look presentable so make sure your outfit is spotless and says something about you.

4. Style 4: Lovable Cutie

The dress to impress is certainly not an option when you go for an internship. You are young and pretty so act like you are. Dare and be fashionable, wear short skirts or dresses and colorful pumps.

fashion styles 4

Do not forget a “serious” bag that would make a statement about how enterprising and ready for work you are.

5. Style 5: The IT Factor

Choosing a special something to mark your outfit with is a good idea. Whether you are going for elegance or casual have one item that will speak of your stylish self.

fashion styles 5

It has to be a latest trend item that everybody will notice. Keep in mind that this “IT” will be the factor drawing the attention.

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