Ever since the Prince of Persia was released, the fashion changes its definitions about what is sexy, because the Arabian look turns to be naughty and playful. Therefore, the fashion designers created special collections that shimmer in any wardrobe.

arabian fashion 1

The tendency of the summer is surely the lavish and the sexy look that the Arabian outfits are adding into the fashion lists.

arabian fashion 2

Go for blue colored tunics, combined with gold elements. Silver is also part of the Arabian look, so add some massive silver jewels. Sequins and rhinestones on your top will also turn you to a sexy Arabian goddess.

arabian fashion 3

Asos is the fashion brand that suggests the best, when it comes to this outrageous look. Their tiered coin-drop earrings are in the trend, for they change the entire idea of your look. Black mini dresses, made of satin and combined with exotic patterns are another way to grab the attention and to look as desert princess.

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