This beauty simply says:” Take me”! The collection of Intermix is totally incredible, for it is offering smooth sex appeal. The sheer fabrics basically show your skin rather than hiding it.

fashion style 1

This hot blouse is a part of Intermix’s limited edition and it is extremely suitable for business ladies that want a provocative, but yet simple look. You can also check the whole collection of the brand, for it is offering not only dark colors. Try their pink blouses made of the same sheer and tender fabrics.

Scarlet O’Hara is a symbol of feminine behavior and super style. Even hundred years after the heroine was created; her style is still ruling the fashion scene. Therefore, the corset tops will always be modern and classy.

fashion style 2

This ribbon cinch blouse comes to us like a white and stylish corset top made by Leifsdottir. The price of this top is $168 and the good news is the color palette is rich. You can find the same model made of black satin, which transforms you into a seductive and lavish-styled woman.

Transparent fabrics have always been sexy and comfortable for many women. This summer those fabrics are turning into an absolute must have for sexy and naughty appeal. Therefore, take a look at this lace-panel camisole, presented by the brand of J. Crew. Their latest collection is amazing and the prices aren’t expensive.

fashion style 3

Show more skin is the motto of the latest collection by Jay Godfrey. The designer has always been exploring, when it comes to sexy summer outfits. This Banyan one-shouldered dress puts a special accent on your shoulder and shows more skin as it comes in a one one-sleeved kimono sheath.

fashion style 4

The colors are bright and eccentric, just like a top for a disco Queen. The top is affordable and its price is only $418. The good news is that this line is in limited edition, so each piece of it is a boutique made one.

fashion style 5

If you think Victoria’s Secret is able to make only lingerie, you are wrong.

The sexiest brand on the earth is trying to improve the naughty appeal of the modern woman as they are presenting a new collection of lavish ruffles tanks.

Their collection is totally inspired by the ruffles, which are in the trend this season.

The colors are neutral, but they are contrasting with your tanned skin and create new, sexier look.

The Victoria’s Secret ruffled tanks are perfect for the beach, as well for any occasion. You can combine them with jeans, cut offs or jeans skirt.

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