Perfect smooth skin is a dream of almost every woman and many of us have their own secrets on how to look good and keep the skin in good condition.

Ginnifer Goodwin, the Big Love star, looks incredibly beautiful. Her skin is smooth and sparkling – flawless I would say. And do you know how she achieves that? She goes vegan!

ginnifer goodwin

I don’t think I’ve had a zit in the more than a year that I’ve been a vegan and I have far more energy, I sleep better, my conscience is certainly more at peace,” the woman told PEOPLE at the Humane Society and GQ magazine benefit to end puppy mills.

Ginnifer likes her new lifestyle. She even doesn’t feel it is complicated to find clothes which have no relation to killing animals.

There are wonderful fashions, there’s amazing ways to incorporate it into your life” she said.

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