A smoking woman has become an everyday occurrence. Statistic figures are frightening! Tobacco smoking women do harm their own health and the health of their children as well.

Surprises for Smoking Woman

There are different motives causing smoking – someone try to overcome stress, someone smokes to keep the company, others draw inspiration from cigarettes. However, regardless of the reason that impelled women to start smoking, each of tobacco victims poison their organism and decrease the odds on being a healthy wife and mother.

Female organism is biologically stronger than male’s one, but smoking harms women much harder. We (I mean women) have smaller lungs volume, the speed of metabolic processes is higher thus the poisoning process goes faster.

Smoking and beauty

Skin is the first pointer of the inveterate she-smoker.

What is smoking? It’s inhalation of preparation smoke (usually of vegetable origin), smouldering flow breathing into the air and aiming to saturate the organism with active substances containing in them by their sublimation and further suction into the lungs and breathing passages.

Surprises for Smoking Woman2

Surface vessels get narrower as effected by nicotine, nourishment of epidermis cuts down – as a result the cigarettes lover acquires dark fading skin and dark under-eyes-circles.

Constant oxygen debt leads to untimely wrinkles. Hair becomes fragile and lifeless as the head skin dehydrates. Grey hair catch up the smokers much earlier and more plentifully than those who steer clear of it. Nails laminate and break easily. Their color is far from ideal in the majority of cases.

Teeth are an indicator of smoker’s experience. Sickly yellowness, unpleasant smell and problem gums – are the faithful friends of a chain smoker.

Enamel is damaged when inhaling tobacco smoke, this leads to caries, stomatitis and gingivitis.

Smoking and PMS

Scientists reported that female chain smokers are twice as much subject to premenstrual syndrome. The results of the numerous studies proved that basic symptoms of PMT – pain in the small of the back, breast swelling, and pimples – are intensified in case the woman smokes tobacco.

Surprises for Smoking Woman1

Addiction to cigarettes leads to acute pains instead of restrained ones during PMS. The earlier a woman falls into smoking the bigger the risk of getting the most acute forms of PMT is. Negative consequences are revealed in a baby either (no matter if he has already been born or is just coming).

Smoking and maternity

Cigarettes horribly affect ovums loading the program of their destruction. The odds to get pregnant shrank as well as child-bearing ability. Smoking is comparable with 1 ovum ablation. Tobacco can cause a period disturbance and childbearing age cutting.

The risk of various defects in children birth (with some congenital diseases) grows with every smoked cigarette. Bare statistics shows that miscarriage happens 25-30% frequently with smoking women and that probability of having stillborn baby quintuples. Toxicosis of pregnancy, feebleness of birth are just few possible complications.

Surprises for Smoking Woman3

Even if a woman gives up smoking right after she has revealed her pregnancy, there is still a high risk of congenital defects of a baby. According to medics, you need to get rid of this habit at least 1.5 years before you get pregnant because the organism can clear itself from deleterious substances during this period of time.

Take care of your health.

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