I like being a woman and what I like best is having all those beauty procedures in salons, from hair styling to pedicure making. Today we will talk about pedicure, French pedicure to be precise.

french pedicure

It is a classic and looks great when done perfectly. French pedicure at a salon might cost you between $20 and $30. And this can seem too much in such a tough period. Though that doesn’t mean you should refuse from having French pedicure. You can do it yourself easily following the steps described below.

You will need two colors of nail polish: white and a light pink or peach tone for the base. You could even try using a light pink with a bit of a metallic in it for some extra spunk. Stay away from too thick polishes because you will have to apply at least 2 layers and if you have 2 layers of thick nail polish, it is hard for it to dry.

To apply a French pedicure, you should wait until your nails have grown out a bit. You can trim them by either squaring them off or rounding them off. I would suggest you have more of a square look to your nails so it is easier to have an even line for the white polish.

french hot pedicure

Soak your feet, though this is not a necessary step. But it can be pleasant, particularly on those cold winter days. Besides, this will relieve your toes and feet of dry skin and prepare them for exfoliation process.
When you have your feet exfoliated apply a nice soft lotion. Massage the lotion onto your feet, between your toes, on your cuticles and even on your lower legs for the full relaxation effect. When you have applied the lotion to the cuticles, gently push them back with your nail or an orange stick, specially intended for that purpose.

After that you can trim your nails and smooth them out by filing them. Remember that they shouldn’t be too short as it will be hard to apply the white!

The last step is to apply the French pedicure polish. First apply one even layer of the base coat (the pink or peach colored one) to all ten toes. Wait until it dries thoroughly. Then apply the white polish to the tips of your nails. Apply a thin even amount in a straight, smooth line.

Don’t make it too big of a line, or too small. Make sure your nails are completely dry. To finish you will need to apply another thin layer of the pinkish base coat over all ten nails again. This makes the pedicure look more even and neater.

That is all. You have done the French pedicure yourself. My congratulations!

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