There are so many things a woman is eager to undergo to remain beautiful, young and slim: shaping, fitness, aerobics, gym apparatuses, killing diets, dangerous pills, doubtful additives and… plastic surgery.

But the recipe of woman’s beauty and attractiveness joined by the good health condition had been invented long time ago. It’s a well-known fact that Arabian dances possess an intense energy.

Bellydance or Beauty and Harmony3

Specialists report that bellydance improves health and prolongs beauty. It changes a woman both from inside and outside as you feel an inimitable pleasure from the motions you practice and joy of life, love to the whole world. You learn to feel happiness.

Nowadays there are over 50 kinds of Arabian belly dances. And there are 8 basic schools: Turkish, Egyptian, Pakistani, Botswanan, Thai, Bhutan, Aden, Jordanian and lots’ of small ones. The most popular are the Egyptian and Turkish bellydance schools.

Bellydance or Beauty and Harmony2

The interchange of the dance elements (plastique, shimmy) trains the muscles and joints. The skin frees from the cellulite. You can easily lose weight without any special diet (it’s counted that up to 300 kcal/hour are burned when dancing depending on the intensity of the rehearsal) or on the contrary gain some weight to bring it to balance if there is some disproportion.

The elements of belly dance further the redistribution of the hypodermic lipopexia and your body shape changes visibly.

Life dance! It’s really true! Look, it improves the spine condition in a month of training (it was notified even by people who have various backbone problems); it develops the flexibility of the joints in 2-3 months (the results are vivid for both young girls and women); it makes a healing effect onto the gynecological sphere in 6-12 months including the removing of the period pains that force a lot of women to take pills; it helps pregnant women and restores the body after childbirth.

Bellydance or Beauty and Harmony

Today the Arab dance moves entered lots of dance schools. And it’s no wonder! In addition to those health improving facts, the belly dance is a very very graceful and aesthetical one. It’s not for nothing that women are keen on it. One can see the dancing programs of the Arabian dance elements on the stage, in night clubs, on discos.

It can be asserted that this dance is a well developed modern style giving a woman an opportunity to know herself and become more self-confident physically and emotionally.

It is no mere chance that it takes the second popularity place after the Latino rhythms that has taken the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Moreover, many specialists say that oriental belly dance style will capture the globe soon.

Woman was given a creating origin by nature. The Arab dance offers a woman a chance of self-actualization, inner potential disclosure. Everything begins with taking the acceptance of yourself – your figure and look peculiarities. Inferiority complexes disappear as a woman learns the dance techniques.

The feeling of your own originality is emphasized by the belly dance moves. And even the simplest set of basic elements looks differently and in every woman own way attractively.

Bellydance or Beauty and Harmony1

Dance flexibility brings this feature to the character as well; softness and smoothness influences the easiness in communication; relaxed moves lead to the inner freedom.

We become more perfect thus our relationship with the visual environment – more harmonic. We obtain a zest – the main part of the woman’s charm and attractiveness. Outwardly and inwardly ideal woman bewilders a man inspiring him for the great deals.

Curved posture, stoop, homily gait, constraint of motions, the feeling of inside stiffness are not the contra-indications to the belly dance that embodies the life itself combining health, pleasure and beauty as the same time.

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