Even if ordinary men don't pay attention to fashion details or trends, they like to look cool and be cool, but for that any man needs to know what's good to keep and what's gotta get out from the closet. Take a look next and see what are men's must-have items!

Fashion is the last thing that men usually care about, because in their opinion too much clothes is a waste of money. It may be, but we all need at least the essentials in a wardrobe if not more. And what do men really need from fashion? They might say they don't do fashion, but honestly dressing up its their game too, their street style, office one or their party outfits are fashion too. Check out next their wardrobe essentials!

1. Suits

Suits are classical items that no man should go away from and even if your job doesn't include office wear, a suit is an immortal piece, it's like women's little black dress. It looks perfectly good on anyone (as long as you pick the right fit) and they're good to go for any occasion, from daily work looks to party style, definitely a day-to-night type.

Advantage: Any person who wears a suit not only look elegant and breath-taking, but for men it's even more special because it puts their masculinity in value along with a professional appeal and seriousness next to maturity. Start from a “little black suit” and in time choose a variety of other colors, from grey to brown and navy, after that choose some details like soft stripes because they attach a sophisticated appeal to you.

Disadvantage: They are not as comfortable as daily casual pieces, but that's a temporary problem until you get used to them and after that you won't want to let them go.

2. Jeans

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes. “ said once the fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, and with that he captured the essence of jeans in one definition.

There's nothing more comfortable for a man than a pair of jeans, because they are so wearable and perfect to adapt to any type of style without a problem.
Their variety is so large and starting from straight-leg to baggy or slim-fit and details on pockets, zippers, washed up jeans, they come as all kinds of jeans and this trend was reinvented so many times, but the classy ones still maintain on top, so start from there and keep on going.

3. Fitted Shirts

You already got the suit, but know it's time to go on with the shirt to match them together. For elegance and your masculinity emphasized, the fitted shirts are wonderful to wear because they present a man's body without revealing anything and leaving a touch of mystery attached to the masculine side that the shirt gives.

Advantage: Like the suit, the fitted shirt is perfect for any occasion and is wearable enough to spice off the casualty that a pair of jeans gives and transforms them into a sophisticated and casual-conservative look.

Taylor Lautner

4. Trench coat or a Leather jacket

Here comes the part where styles are distinct and every men's fashion mark is put in their own style. While some men like to wear trench coats in the fall season or spring one in order to keep their elegant side in value in a sophisticated outfits, others prefer a touch of badass-ness to reveal their wild side and bring masculinity out in a different way, by going away from the classy typical type of man. It doesn't matter which one of them you choose as long as you wear them properly well, by taking in thought their details and accessories right for them, because both are good to save you in a rainy day and to look right in any situation.





5. Accessories – Shoes, Ties, Watches, Bags

No outfit is complete without the right accessories to match with them, because it's all about the details in every look, and even if accessories are not an important thing for men, they still need to have them.

A man gets easy if he chooses a pair of simple yet classy black shoes, but for casual days he needs some sneakers, loafers or boots to keep them stylish and comfortable.
With bags men usually should go for the messenger ones because they are big enough and come in different styles to match any outfit.

Ties are also an important part in a men's appearance, because there's no suit without a tie and that puts a major elegance to an outfit.
For watches it's preferable as simple as possible but still advanced in technology like with phones, cars or computers.


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