Find the most popular hot mens hairstyles 2011. Get the cool 2011 mens haircuts! Find pictures of mens hair styles 2011.

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Looking for women’s hair styles for 2011? Then take a look at coolmenshairstyles.com’s men’s 2011 hair trends report. Actually, to describe this as a hair trend report is an understatement. With every key hair cut, hairstyle, and hair colour trend for 2011 described and photographed, this is the one article you must read to stay in fashion in 2011. Download the mens hairstyles 2011 pictures and show your stylist and get the cool haircut!

Just as you know,all fashion trends are cyclical, and in recent years have gradually modernised the looks of the 20th Century and planted them firmly in the 21st. And so too it is with men’s hair trends in 2011: it’s out with the new, and in with the old. Or at least an old hair style with a new twist.

2011 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men
Find the most popular mens styles 2011.
While there are so many men’s hairstyles to choose from, it’s understandable that many men prefer a short hairstyle or haircut that is easy to take care of and doesn’t require much work.

The Fringe haircut for men 2011

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Continuing on from last year’s men’s hair trends, the men’s fringe remains a major feature of men’s hair trends in 2011. But, naturally, this is a hair trend that has evolved. While the men’s fringe in 2010 was all about close-to-eyebrow length, in 2011 we have more options.

The Slick Back haircut for men 2011

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Many men prefer to keep their hair medium length, since it’s adaptable to any situation or event, it doesn’t require too much maintenance, and there are so many styles men can choose to change their style and keep them looking great.
George Clooney hair style cut Though he’s given his name to an incarnation of the fringe hair trend, actor George Clooney has been a larger influence of another of 2011′s hair style trends for men: the slick back.

In being a part of 2011 hair trends the slick back drives home one major point: men’s hair styles in 2011 are all about the classics. In fact the slick back may actually be a little too classic for most men, with its popularity in the likes of Ralph Lauren catalogues it actually conveys a real American style that will guarantee it success in the States but probably little outside.

The Classic Part Hairstyle for men 2011

Wearing the slick back hair trend partless might not be the way to go, however, given that the traditional part figures in so heavily into men’s hair trends in 2011.

While some men really prefer to keep their hair long, most men who want to try keeping long hair soon find how much upkeep and care goes into making the style look great. Also, there isn’t a big variety of styles of long hair that look great on everyone.
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