Large pants, plaid shirts

, cool sneakers and leather jackets are the key to a successful fashionable fall for men, as we’ve spotted in Zara’s TRF’s August Lookbook. Teenage urban style meets up with classic ageless vintage blazers, giving a touch of refreshness into today’s modern looks. Stay with us to find out what are the latest fashion trends in men’s fashion at Zara!

A while ago, whenever people thought about fashion all they had in mind were high heels, sexy dresses, elegance and refinement taste, but everything involved women and men had nothing to do with fashion, except for the male fashion designers. Basic suits, shirts, shoes and ties were everything that a man needed in his wardrobe, yet somehow now they come in the spotlight when we’re talking about fashion too. If we’re not talking about men’s outfits we’re talking about women’s new trends inspired by men’s outfits.

Zara Homme fashion brand has developed in time their own style when we’re talking about men’s fashion. Keeping a high level to the urban cool style, Zara adapts their August Lookbook between high-school typical wear, celebrity inspired style and street’s voice.

Fashionable and extremely chic, the pictures of Zara’s lookbook express today’s trends in men’s fashion along with their charming and arrogant style that every girl loves in a man. By showing more maturity and evolution in fashion, modern teenage guys adopt a trendy yet sexy confident style.

New fashion trends that the Zara label adopts into their August Lookbook for men are: plaid casual shirts, large harem pants inspired, cool school backpacks, urban sneakers, V-necks, stripes, large jeans, printed classic cardigans, suit elegant blazers mixed with sporty shoes and ripped-off jeans, studded belts, rough leather jackets and washed up jeans.

This season in school teenage men’s fashion looks interesting and diverse at Zara Homme TRF, but is that enough for our fabulous modern times? Hopefully, yes. Until the next season we’ll let fashion and style speak for themselves.

Photos: Zara

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