The fashion this year has been surprisingly colorful, especially when it comes to male outfits. The modern man wears this season colorful suits, unusual accessories and mostly- windbreakers.

windbreakers 1

windbreakers 2

The windbreakers have turned to the biggest trend in the male fashion this season. The biggest fashion players have filled their collection with all kinds of windbreakers.

windbreakers 3

Those, which we can call remarkable, are the windbreakers in bright colors such as red, blue and green. Ballin and Budget are two companies, which surely can compete with each other, when it comes to windbreakers.

windbreakers 4

windbreakers 5

Their latest offers grabbed the attention with unusual silhouette, pop colors and mostly- rebel spirit. In case you want to be in trend this season, go for the significant models of their collections.

windbreakers 6

windbreakers 7

Ballin is offering Burberry Laminated Sport Nylon Field Jacket, which is already praised as a bespoke hit. Budget is trying to win the fashion competition with Nike Red DQM Runner up Collar Jacket that is surely another reason why to appreciate windbreakers more.

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