Versace is known for creating gorgeous and extraordinary feminine designs. The luxurious brand has managed to surprise again with a fabulous collection for the 2010 spring season. Find out what made this collection as fabulous.

Versace has been a synonym for elegance, glamor, sensuality and style for many years due to the gorgeous designs of their collections. Donatella Versace has created for this 2010 spring season a wonderful collection which exudes femininity and sex appeal.

Donatella Versace's vision of the following spring fashion season is all about color and color coordination. Femininity is best underlined by colorful outfits that mold themselves around the body, revealing it's beautiful form.
Very short dresses, vaporous maxi dresses and form fitting outfits aid the collections sex appeal.

Glamour and sexiness at it's highest could be seen on the Versace runway, and these elements are a guaranteed way to success.
The collection was introduces using a gorgeous mini dress, with colorful geometric design and matching platform ankle boots. The waist was accentuated by applying a darker colored material which also helped tone down the vivid coloration of the outfits.

Prints are very hot this following season and they can be admired in Donatella's collection since they upgrade the collections style, making it stand out.

Versace 2010Versace Spring 2010

Glamorous maxi dresses offered a little bit of classic glamor but still elements which gave a sexy allure were implemented. Cuts which reveal the legs as one moves adds the sexy touch the dresses needed. Glittery applications made the dresses shine and stand out. The dresses were all spectacular.

The materials used to create this amazing collection vary leather to chiffon, depending on the dresses style. The colors used are very bright, vivid colors, like, pink, yellow, turquoise, green, white, black and silver.

Donatella Versace 2010Versace

The accessories used to complete the collection were absolutely stunning. Gorgeous colored handbags added an extra touch of fun to the outfits. High heel platform sandals or peep toe boots helped make the collection look as extraordinary as it did. They matched and completed every outfit, contributing in a high amount to the sexy style of the collection.

Embrace your femininity and emphasize it with Donatella Versace's fashion collection for the following 2010 spring season.
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