Versace's Spring 2011 Collection brings out for men's fashion, a combination between the classics and new coming trends, from fringes to plaids, chaotic abstract prints, shiny textile materials, stripes , see through details or metallic accessories. Check out Donattela's vision for the next season in menswear!

Since Milan Fashion Week has started, the only thing we think about are fashion shows of top labels such as Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli or of course, Versace. Whenever we say the word “Versace” thoughts as luxury, elegant pieces and unique designs run through our head, and since the label was launched that's what this brand gave us.

With a history since 1978, the famous Versace fashion house started their own trend mark over the fashion world, through their distinct designs and by getting slowly to the top, this label kept on growing bigger and now it has reached a high level in fashion where perfection meets on clothing wear through art.

After the death of the glorious fashion designer and Versace founder, Gianni, his sister Donatella Versace made sure to run the label forward and take this brand higher.

In Versace's Spring 2011 Collection, Donatella Versace puts a major accent on the urban messy style with major Italian influences along with sexiness, masculinity and shine. With many retro accents over these designs, the collection comes as a combination between the past, present and future, where the structural hairstyles and minimalist looks take the lead.

Full of unique styles, the Spring 2011 at Versace seems to bring out leading fashion trends along with classical items together. Whether the looks come more minimalist or over-accessorised, the overall appearance release a new wave of trends and shows energy and fun trough rough masculine outfits.

The main trends that Donatella focuses on in Versace's Menswear Collection for the Spring 2011 season are: classic suits, Oxford black and white shoes with diverse details, low-cut pants, multiple silver chains, long blazers, perfectly fitted printed shirts and vests, fringe black leather jackets, sleeveless see-through shirt, rockstar leather pants, acid washed jeans, head-to-toe striped suit, see-through cardigan, red leather skinny pants, shiny textile materials for vests and suits, abstract black and white prints or gladiator sandals.

Photos via Gq.com

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