Everyone knows that summer is here and it is time to break out the trendy summer clothes.

If you are a fashionista or even just someone who is trying to look good while staying cool, there are some new trends out for this summer….well, let’s face it, there are new trends every summer…but still…read on.

Keeping cool while looking good is not that difficult. This year there are options that can even be carried over into the fall. You can get a big, long sleeve slouchy shirt and pair it with shorts or slim jeans.

Just make sure to tuck it in to keep the lines straight. There are also drapey cardigans that can be worn over tanks, tees or bare shoulders. The cardigan can also be paired with a short full skirt…another trend for the season.

You could wear a layered tank with the skirt and under the cardigan for a full trend look. Also, silk dresses are in for the ultra cool, laid back but still sophisticated appearance.

Cargo pants are always a nice touch in the summer. Get a few of each of those items and mix and match them for a whole new you this summer.

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