Freckles on Lips

The spots of freckles are formed as a result of precipitation of melanin, a skin pigment in one particular area of the skin. In most cases, it is hereditary and runs in the family. Freckles are found on facial skin and also on other areas, which are exposed to the sun. This is because the skin is highly sensitive towards ultraviolet radiation of the sun and hence, becomes more obvious after a sun exposure. Freckles do not have any serious health consequences. However, dark freckles on lips, make the lips look very unattractive. Some people tend to get freckles in summer which disappear in the winter months, while others may have it round the year.

Treatment for Freckles on Lips

When you are searching for medical treatment for removal of freckles on lips, then you must visit a dermatologist. The popular options of treatment that are available in dermatological clinic are as follows:

Bleaching Agent
There are bleaching creams prescribed by the doctor which, when applied on the freckles for a couple of months, can lighten their appearance. These skin creams contains 2 percent hydroquinone and other chemical ingredients that act as bleaching agents. Liquid nitrogen freezing of the lip freckles is another effective topical treatment.

Chemical Peels
There are two different types of chemical peels that are being used to peel away the affected skin. One is the superficial chemical peel and the other one is deep chemical peel. Both the types of chemical peels contain different types of chemical components that help in freckle removal. The treatment with superficial peels get over in an hour or so, but takes a number of sittings before any improvement can be seen. On the other hand, deep peels are more effective but have a long recovery time.

Laser Treatment
This is an effective treatment for freckles on lips removal that shows result almost instantly. In this method, the freckles are burned with laser. One can recover from this laser resurfacing treatment in a span of one week or so. The effect of the treatment usually lasts for about 5 years. However, some people find the entire process very painful. It is a highly expensive treatment too.

Home Remedies for Freckles on Lips

As the medical treatments are expensive and some risks are involved with them, many people prefer to treat them at home. Here are some home remedies to get rid of freckles:
  • Honey: Take some honey in a bowl, and mix up wheat germ with it. Apply the mixture to the spots on the lips and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water first, and then cold water.
  • Lemon Juice: Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties that help the freckles to fade out. Rub some lemon juice on your lips with the help of your fingers. Let it stay on the freckles for around 20 minutes and them wash off. You can keep it on overnight for better results.
  • Sour Cream: Topical application of sour cream on the lip freckles can reduce the marks to a great extent. Apply it on the affected part, in the form of a thin layer. After sometime, wipe it off with a soft tissue, but do not apply any water to remove it. Then add some moisturizing lip balm on it.
  • Natural Freckle Removal Cream: To prepare this, mix equal amount of parsley juice, lemon juice, redcurrant juice and orange juice. Use this mixture regularly on the lips to make the freckles less noticeable.
Freckles on lips can be prevented, if some special care is taken to protect the lips from sunlight. Every time you go out in the sun, apply a generous amount of good quality sunscreen on the lips. Use a large brimmed hat to avoid the direct effect of the sunlight. If possible try not to go outdoors in between 10 to 4 during daytime.
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