Skin: Toner for Skin

What is a skin toner? A skin toner is a cosmetic which is described as a lotion, skin cream or wash formulated to cleanse the skin and shrink its open pores. It is usually used on the facial skin. There is a large number of skin toners available in beauty stores. Most of them target a specific skin type. To choose an appropriate one for yourself, know about the type of skin you have first, and then search for a skin toner suitable for it. The present article discusses skin toner in detail. It tells you about the benefits, criteria of selection and method of usage of a skin toner. The information will definitely help you get the best skin toner and use it the correct way to derive all the possible benefits from it.

Are Skin Toners Necessary?
Toning the skin is an essential part of an ideal skin care regimen. It benefits you in several ways. It removes dirt and residues of makeup from your skin. It refines and tightens skin pores for some time. It enhances the effect of cleaning of the skin. It removes excess of oil from the skin, and is thus quite necessary for people having oily skin. It gives your skin a feeling of freshness and novelty. It reduces the appearance of fine lines over time. It lightens complexion. It promotes the process of detoxification of skin. It exfoliates the skin and speeds up the cell turnover. These are some of the important ways a skin toner benefits you.

How to Choose a Skin Toner?
There are mainly three types of toners available in the market. These are skin bracers or fresheners, skin tonics and astringents. Skin bracers or fresheners are the mildest forms of toners. They contain 0 - 10% alcohol and a humectant such as glycerin. The latter prevents the moisture from evaporating from the upper layers of epidermis, and thus keeps the skin moisturized for a longer period of time. Such skin toners are specifically meant for sensitive skin and dry skin. An example is rosewater.

Skin tonics are a bit stronger form of skin toners. They contain about 20% of alcohol, water and ingredients of a humectant. They are suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. Orange flower water is an ingredient. Astringents are the strongest forms of skin toners. They contain 20 - 60% of alcohol, antiseptic ingredient, humectant ingredients and water. They are drying in action, and thus are recommendable only for oily skin. However, it may result in aggravation of oiliness of the skin as the skin tries to compensate for the loss by producing more oil and preventing moisture loss. An example of astringent is witch hazel. You need to select a toner for skin according to your skin type. The skin type is usually mentioned on the pack of the skin toner. Do check for it before buying. Go for the one which is free from alcohol as it may cause some damage to your skin over time.

How to Use a Skin Toner?
Choosing a toner for skin is important but using it the right way is even more important. Before applying any type of skin toner face cream or lotion, wash your face thoroughly with a mild face wash or any other cleansing agent. Pat dry the skin. Take a cotton ball or a cotton pad. Put a dollop of the skin toner on it. Do not dip the cotton ball or pad into the toner for skin as while applying it may leave some streaks across your face. Use gentle strokes to apply the skin toner on your skin with the cotton ball. Do not rub your skin while applying the toner. Wait for a couple of minutes, and then apply a suitable moisturizer on your skin.
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