There are a lot of different skin types. And it’s nessesary to know your skin type for good care and for choosing the right cosmetics products.

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You can determine your skin types at home.

1. Clean your face with a skin liquid cleanser, then wash and clap dry. Wait for one hour.

2. Make note where your skin senses “tight.”

3. Pressure a separate piece of facial tissue onto each area of your face: nose, chin, center of cheeks, outer cheeks, center of forehead and outer forehead.

4. Inspect each tissue and look for oily mark or flaky skin residue.

5. See results:

  • If the whole tissue was oily that indicates an oily skin type.
  • If there is oil on only some tissues ( T-zone, which is the center of forehead, nose, chin and center of cheeks)it means you have a combination skin type.
  • Flaky residue on all papers, without oily marks – or a tight feeling in the skin shows a dry skin type.
  • No oil and no flaky on any parts of the cosmetic tissue indicates a normal skin type.
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