Scene Makeup for Green Eyes

Have you been inspired by the girls who wear a thick eye makeup with a wild hairstyle? These girls like to call themselves as the 'scene girls' or 'scene kids'. Scene makeup is actually what actors do in order to depict a scene. The eye makeup is bold with use of black eye liner and a black mascara. Before we move on to the details of scene makeup for green eyes, lets us see some basic tips for application of scene eye makeup.

Tips for Application of Scene Eye Makeup
  • The most widely used eyeliner color for scene makeup is black. You can use liquid black eyeliner, as it is useful in getting creative with your makeup.
  • You can use other eyeliner colors like gray, blue, violet, etc. for scene eye makeup.
  • The eyeshadow colors include bright pinks, red, lavender and even some shades of light green with a tint of gold.
  • You need to use mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and black.
  • Use an eye primer to make your eyes look brighter on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • You need to apply two coats of mascara and fake eyelids to create a heavy look.
  • You need to let the rest of your face look pale by application of a little foundation and a bit of lip gloss on the lips.
How to do Scene Makeup for Green Eyes?

The best scene makeup for green eyes includes use of heavy black eyeliner with big lashes and bright eyeshadow makeup. The bottom line is bold eye makeup and a pale makeup and a underplayed face makeup. Let us go into the details of scene makeup for green eyes.

Step 1
You need to use a high quality black eyeliner and preferable liquid eyeliner. You can even go in for other colors like violet, blue, gray and may be go wild with a bright neon colored eyeliner.

Step 2
You need to apply the eyeliner on the inner side of the lower eyelid. Then pull it down with your fingers below the lash line. You need to begin from the inside of your eyelid and work your way out. Thicker the line the better.

Step 3
You can apply the black eyeliner on the upper eyeliner, just as thick as the lower eyelid or maybe even thicker. You can even use another color to line you upper eyelid. You can even use two eyeliner colors, by using a green eyeliner halfway and finishing off the rest of the eye with a purple eyeliner.

Step 4
You need to apply eyeshadow for green eyes from your lash line to the bottom of the brow bone. Use an angular brush to apply a bright color eyeshadow. You can even try to apply a bit of eyeshadow on the lower eyelid carefully to get a retro look. You can learn how to apply eyeshadow step by step in the article how to put on eyeshadow.

Step 5
Now, you need to put on a lot of black mascara and even fake eyelashes to make it look heavy. You need to begin at the roots and take the brush all the way up to the tips. You need to do this several times to get the scene makeup for green eyes perfect.

Step 6
You need to apply a bit of foundation all over the face. Then apply a coat of translucent powder to keep the makeup in place. Wear lip gloss over your lips to add a bit of shine over your face.

This is how you put on scene makeup for green eyes. You can apply bright colored eyeshadow on the inner side of the eye and move on to lighter colors as you move outside. You can make your eyebrows really thin or shape them the way you want. With an eyeliner pencil, you can try different eyeliner styles and shapes at the corner of the eye like stars or a smiley. The idea is to get the attention to your eye and make them noticeable. I hope this article has helped you do the best scene makeup for green eyes.
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