The faux hawk hairstyles is one the most hot haircuts for men, a lot young guys do love this hairstyle.This men’s hair style comes from Mohawk. The faux hawk hairstyle and mohawk hairstyle distinguishing feature is that the hair on the sides of the head is not completely shaved, which of course is what you do with a real Mohawk haircut.

The cool men’s faux hawk hairstyles can be done without having to cut any of the hair at the sides of the head, you can just simple restyling it into a stylish style. It’s great for the individual that has concerns about going with the true mohawk, and just want to try out a new look. You don’t have to worry about waiting for your hair to grow back if you hate it, you didn’t spend a fortune on it, and you don’t have to wear it all the time.

A lot male celebrities do wear the cool spiky faux-hawk hairstyle just like Devid Beckham, Orlando Bloom,Ewan McGregor,Cristiano Ronaldo etc.

What’s great about the faux-hawk is that it allows you to be a little edgy without going too far (depending on how long or short your hair is). It is also typically worn by using some sort of gel or styling wax to make the longer hair on the top of your head stick up. And if you want to be more conservative, you just comb it to the side. Two hairstyles in one! This now mainstream hairstyle was made popular by David Beckham, my personal favorite celebrity. Of course over the years many iterations of this hairstyle have come about.
Any person can look great in a faux hawk hairstyle। Young boys, teens, college students, men and women can all sport the faux hawk. Usually,the wearers cannot be seen at work with a true mohawk, so the faux hawk hairstyle is a great alternative. They look great no matter in the office or on the street.


Men's Faux-Hawk Hairstyles  image
Men’s Faux-Hawk Hairstyles picture

Also , here is a girl wear this cool faux hawk haircut.
Faux-Hawk Hairstyles for women picture
Faux-Hawk Hairstyles for women

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