Make Up Beauty Tips

Make up is considered to be synonymous to women. Make up accentuates the beauty of women, thus making them look more attractive. However, applying make up is an art and many do not know the proper way of doing it. Many women overdo it, which brings in a feeling of artificiality. Hence, one has to learn to do make up in a way that it gives a natural effect. Such kind of make up helps in highlighting the key areas of the face, making one look more beautiful.

Make Up and Beauty Tips

Apart from the way of applying make up, even the make up products used are equally important. One must use only quality products because repeated use of cheap make up products can damage the skin. Let us look at some make up beauty tips that would help you in applying make up on your own.

Foundation: Foundation is the most basic thing that is used in the beginning of the make up. There are a variety of foundations available in the market, namely liquid, cake and cream. Moreover, foundations are available according to one's skin type too. For instance, there are different foundations for oily, dry and normal skin. When you are buying a foundation for yourself, look for all these details and also buy one that is a shade lighter than your actual skin tone.

Before you start applying the foundation, remember to clean your face thoroughly. Massage your face with a toner and a moisturizer, and then get started with your foundation. Take some foundation on a cotton swab and apply a drop of it on the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and eye lids. You can either use your hands or a sponge and spread it on the face in a circular motion. Do not forget to spread it towards the neck, ear and also under the eyes. The purpose of using a foundation is to give a proper base and make all the areas of the face look even. Gently squeeze a tissue paper over the face to blot out the excess foundation. After you are done with the foundation, apply one coat of compact or powder evenly all over the face.

Concealer: Concealers are used by people to hide pimples, dark circles, scars and blemishes on the face. You can find concealers in the form of liquid or cream. Apply the concealer on the blemish that you want to hide and spread it towards the edges. However, do not over use the concealer (not more than twice) on the blemish because it may make look obvious that you are trying to hide something.

Eye Make Up: Eye make up is considered to be most important as it lifts up the whole face. The first thing that has to be done for eye make up is the application of eye shadow. Many people make a mistake by applying an eye shadow that matches their attire. But, one should use an eye shadow that suits one's skin color. You can also use 2 - 3 colors for eye shadow, but make sure that all the colors blend well. Take some eye shadow in a flat, blunt headed brush and apply it on the entire eyelid, starting from the inside, moving towards the outer end. If you do not want to use dark colors, you can go with a neutral eye shadow to get a natural look.

Once you are done with the eye shadow, the next step would be the eyeliner. Though a black eyeliner is most commonly used, you can also make use of eyeliners available in different colors like blue, brown, etc. The first coating of the eyeliner should be a thin line and should be drawn closer to the eyelashes as this gives the effect of thicker eye lashes. Apply another coat to make the line thicker. After one has applied the eye liner, the next would be the mascara. They are used to make the eyelashes longer than they actually are. First close your eyes and apply the mascara downwards and then look upwards and apply a coat on the upper as well as the lower lashes. If you want to apply a second coat, wait for the mascara to dry first. But make sure you do not put more than two coats.

Lip Stick: Lip sticks are necessary to complete the look of the whole make up. They are not only available in different colors, but also in different forms ranging from gloss, matte, cream to frost. Whichever lipstick you buy, ensure that you buy one of superior quality and a color that suits your complexion well. Before starting to apply the lipstick, it is necessary to clean the lips with a cleansing milk. If you have dry or chapped lips, apply lip balm or foundation before you start with your make up. Choose a lip liner that matches with the lips stick. Draw the outline and apply the lipstick on the inside of the lines with the help of a brush. To darken the lip color, add an additional coat. Press lips on a tissue paper and bloat out the excess lipstick. Applying lip gloss or lip balm on top of it would give a glossy effect to the lips.

Blusher: Blusher is the final step of make up. The color of the blush should match one's skin tone and also the overall make up. Blusher, that is usually available in a powder form should always be light in color. Blush should be applied on the cheek areas with the help of a long and puffy brush. Smile when you are putting on the blush and apply it on the cheekbones with upper strokes.

Other Make Up Tips

Apart from the knowledge of how to put make up, it is also necessary to know certain things to have beautiful and healthy skin. Beauty products and cosmetics should not be used for a long period of time. It is necessary to dispose of old ones and buy new after every 1 - 2 years, depending upon the type of product. Also remember that beauty products contain chemicals, so whenever you use them, remove it completely and wash your face with face cleansers. Make up can surely hide marks on your face and make it look more beautiful, but nothing can match natural beauty. So, it is important to indulge in skin care regularly. Moreover, following a healthy and nutritious diet also has a deep effect on making the skin look lovely.

These are some of the make up beauty tips that you should know. Though, in the beginning, you may not get the techniques right, with practice you will surely become an expert in applying make up.
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