Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin

Buying a lipstick is definitely a time consuming task. You can see women, full of confusion, with excited faces, hands picking up various shades, eyes examining the colors and lips moving to ask for some more shades! Well, that's quite a common scene at most of the cosmetic stores, where women won't get tired of flipping through the lipstick shade cards and trying on tester lipsticks. Choosing the right lipstick color is surely a tough task. A wrong color is enough to ruin your looks. The worst part of the exercise of choosing a lip color, is that you can't try one on your lips! That's the reason why many females end up buying a shade which might not be attractive and suiting their complexion. To solve this confusion, here's a list of lipstick colors for fair skin.

Choosing a lipstick color is known to be an easy task for those having fair skin, which is actually true up to some extent. But remember, though any color suits your skin, only specific tones will enhance your looks and make your lips look more attractive. Believe me, some shades can make women with fair skin look really dull or weird. To avoid this, just keep reading this article and know about the suitable lipstick colors for fair skin.

Best Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin

Red Lipstick Colors
Bold colors look great on fair skin. Red lipstick for fair skin is a popular combo that looks simply awesome. Those reds with blue undertones will give a sizzling look to women with fair skin, especially those having pinkish or rosy skin tone. Deep plum red shades such as wine reds with blue undertone or soft berry are amongst the best lipstick colors for fair complexion.

Pink Lipstick Colors
Pink lipstick colors are another favorite of fair women. These nicely compliment their skin and rightly highlight them. Again, pink lipsticks with blue undertones look great. Light shiny pinks are also a good choice for fair skin. Other shades of pink like shell, iced, neon, magenta, rose, clover and ginger can be opted. All the soft pink shades are best ones to go for if you want a soft look. Pink shade with some golden shimmer is a perfect choice for those who want a shiny look. Similarly browns with shimmery bronze or copper hue are a lovely choice for a casual makeup. Here's a lipstick color guide for you.

Brown Lipstick Colors
Brown lipstick colors look classy on females having fair complexion. Brown helps highlight the lips without making them look gaudy. This is an earthy tone and looks best on formal attire. Brown shades like plum, apricot, dusty, chocolate or pastel looks pretty. For a simple look, you can go for a beige colored lipstick or a medium brown with pink undertone. Mocha browns or darker brown lipstick colors are also a good choice for donning a perfect evening look. Read more on long lasting lipstick.

Remember not to go for pale browns with yellow undertones which will make you look dull. Also, do not pick those reds with orange undertones which are not at all suitable lipstick shades for fair skin. Stay away from gaudy maroon shades which will look extreme on your skin. Hot pinks must also be avoided.
Here's one more trick to choose lipstick colors. Remove makeup from your lips, wash them and pat them dry. Check the shade of your lips. Choose a lip color belonging to same color family as that of the color of your lips. Just go for a few shades lighter or darker. Remember to examine the tester version of lipstick shades on a sheet of white paper. This will help you know about the perfect color. So no more confusion, no more wastage of money on the wrong lipsticks, hit the shop and pick the right lipstick.
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