Do you have thin lips? Did you ever consider lip augmentation techniques to get fuller lips? I am sure many women dream of having fuller lips like Angelina Jolie. Well, those fuller lips certainly worked wonders for the seductive Hollywood star. It wouldn't be wrong to call plump lips a great asset. You can certainly experiment a lot with makeup when you have fuller lips.

Fuller lips certainly add to a woman's sex appeal. This is the reason why several women go for collagen implants or lip plumping injections to get fuller lips. Surgical methods have been used by many, but there might be some side effects. If you are scared of the surgical methods, you could use effective lip plumping tips to enhance your beauty and create an impression of fuller lips. Read more on lip care.

Lip Plumping Methods

Botox injections have been used by several celebrities to get a perfect pout. Wondering how Botox injections produce plumper lips? Well, when lips are injected with botox, the lip wrinkles get smoothened and that causes the lips to look fuller. This has emerged as a very popular option for those in the field of glamor.

Besides Botox injections, plumping injections that use collagen, restylane, hyaluronic acid and artecoll can also help give plumper lips. For those who are not keen to visit a plastic surgeon to get such implants or injections, there is another option. Nowadays lip plumpers are available in the market. If you haven't used them yet, let me tell you more about these cosmetic products. Lip plumpers contain ingredients such as peppermint, cinnamon, wintergreen, niacin or cinnamon which irritate the outer layers of your lips. Application of a lip plumper dilates the blood vessels and this increases the flow of blood to the lips. So you might experience a tingling sensation when you apply a lip plumper and the swelling creates an impression of plump lips. Read more on lip plumping injections.

Lip Plumping Tricks

Wondering about natural lip plumping techniques? Well, in case you don't like the idea of fat grafting, collagen implants or Botox injections, you don't need to despair. You could use certain makeup tricks to create an impression of fuller lips. Surgical lip augmentation procedures can be expensive and serious harm can be caused in case of a surgery gone wrong. For those who are weary of these procedures, these nonsurgical lip plumping tips are a safer option. The most important aspect of lip care is to keep them moisturized. Dry lips will certainly rob you off your beauty, therefore, you must keep your lips moisturized at all times.

If you don't drink enough water, dehydration will manifest itself in the form of dry lips. So, increase your intake of water and fluids. You must select your cosmetic products wisely. Make sure that you don't buy moisturizers and lip balms that are alcohol-based. Anything that has a drying effect on your lips must be avoided. Using a lip balm which has honey as an ingredient would be a good idea. If you are planning to buy a plumping lip gloss, buy one that contains vitamin C. Look for a lip gloss that contains collagen peptides.

In case you seem to have an allergy to lip plumpers, you could apply your makeup in a way that makes your lips look fuller. If you have thin lips, you must perfect the art of lining your lips. Use a shade that matches with the color of your lips. Don't put the lip liner directly over the lip line. Line it slightly away from the lip line. Apply a lip gloss from the center of the lips and make sure that the shade is lighter in the center. You could also use the loose shimmering white powder to create an illusion of fuller lips
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