An explosion of colors all over the runway is what Raf Simons brought into Jil Sander's Spring 2011 collection by celebrating his fifth year as a designer for this label. With minimalistic shapes but using techno influences as an inspiration expressed through neon colors and bold shades, this collection seems to starts off the trends for the next season!

Well, well. Seems like the new season in men's fashion starts off quite powerful with Jil Sander's collection for the Spring 2011 season, where we can clearly see Raf Simons' vision for this new year in minimalistic shapes and a confusing amount of colors. By playing along with abstract prints and chaotic stripes, Simons brings a touch of freshness and a spring appeal to this line.

The main trend that Raf focuses on for Jil Sander's collection, is neon and prints, from floral to abstract or stripes. He reinvents the classic business suit

by bringing it some youth attachments and making it stand out more through its urban-rebel accents.

Even if Jil Sander's Spring 2011 Collection doesn't make it big into details, Raf made sure to release a stunning line and start better than ever a new season with new trends that maintain a balance between simplicity and technicolor.

By using as an inspiration Burberry's trend mark for the last couple of seasons, belted trench coats, Raf Simons takes it to extremes in office suits and spices off every outfit by giving them a chic and elegant appeal to these looks.

We all know that a guy's definitely must-have item in his closet is the suit. It's their LBD, the item that always takes them out of finding the perfect, outstanding and flawless outfit. Well, this collection shows us that it doesn't need to come only in black, grey or dark blue. After getting those must-have items, guys can play with their wardrobe and with the colors in the same time, by experimenting and having fun in fashion choices.

Raf presents us in Jil Sander's Spring 2011 Collection that suits may come in any color and any shape. Go crazy with neon yellow, turquoise, lollipop pink, electric blue or eccentric orange and mix them all together to make a stand up in fashion and take the lead through the latest trends.

Also, we can spot in this collection that suit pants don't just come long or a bit cut out, they may come as shorty shorts and still look masculine, by maintaining a shocking appearance.

Photos via Gq.com

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