Highlighted Hair

Highlighted hair can give you truly gorgeous appearance. However, it is very important to get your hair highlighted with right colors and shades. It is equally important to maintain and care for your highlighted hair. This will keep your hair free from damage, breakage and early fading of the highlights. This, in turn, will help you enjoy highlighted hair long and to the fullest. Let's find out what are the different trends and patterns available in hair highlights and how to care for it.

Highlighted Hair Color Ideas
There is a wide variety of hair colors available at cosmetic stores. This eases your task of choosing a hair color which goes with your hair type and skin tone. If you are going to put on hair highlights for the first time, you must be wondering which color would suit you. There is a way to find the best hair highlight for you. Try temporary highlights one by one and see with which you look your best. When you find out one, you may have a permanent hair highlight of the same color. Following are some of the highlighted hair color ideas to help you get started. Read on hair highlights shades.
  • Try two different color for highlighting hair. They should be contrasting, or darker and lighter shades of the same color. This particularly suits long hair.
  • Go for gold, blonde, or frosted colors. Highlighted hair with such colors complement the summer season perfectly.
  • If you are bold and love to experiment with your looks, try funky and unnatural colors like red, blue, purple, green or pink.
  • You may use a combination of complementing colors like red and gold, red and purple, red and green, blue and gray, etc.
  • You may get highlighted hair around your face. This is called 'face framing'. It emphasizes your facial features.
  • If you have blonde hair color, go for hair highlights in pink, neon orange and mulberry. This is one of the trendiest ways of highlighting hair.
  • In case of dark or black hair, opt for honey-toned blonde, gold, platinum-blonde highlights.
  • Having highlighted hair only in the ponytail region is the latest trend.
  • If you wish to cover gray hair, go for getting hair highlights with shades which are close to your natural hair color. You may benefit by reading how to highlight your own hair.
Highlighted Hair Care
  • The chemicals used in highlighting the hair can damage your hair, make it dull, sensitive to breakage, coarse and frizzy. Therefore, you need to be careful and spend some time and labor to take good care of your highlighted hair. Some suggestions, which usually work well, are given below.
  • Use shampoos and conditions that have been formulated specifically for color treated hair. Even if you have a few highlights, consider using them on a regular basis. Such products will keep your hair from drying and breaking.
  • Deep condition your hair at least once a week.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorine-treated hair. Chlorine may discolor your hair. If you have to, then wear a shower-cap or put a leave-in conditioner before going into the water.
  • Before going out in the sun, wear a hat or apply products containing sunscreen on your hair. This will prevent your hair from getting damaged due to reaction between chemical and the sun rays, fading and drying out.
  • Don't brush your hair when it is wet. It weakens the hair from roots.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to loosen the knots. This will prevent your hair from weakening and breaking.
  • You may use a hairspray or spritz with moisturizing ingredients and sunscreen to keep your hair protected and moisturized, both at the same time.
  • To keep your highlighted hair looking great, go for touch, particularly on the new growths every 6 - 10 weeks.
  • Never do another chemical treatment for at least 1 - 2 weeks. Over processing with chemicals can make your hair very weak. It may even fall out or break off.
If you don't like the idea of trying different colors on your hair to find the most suitable one out, you may try various other ways. The easiest way is to use highlighted hair extensions. You may buy some of your choice, and try a different one out everyday. If you wish, you can fulfill your dream of having highlighted hair and enjoy appreciation even without treating your hair with chemicals in this way. This is all on highlighted hair styles, hope you enjoy using this suggestions on yourself.
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