Human beings normally have around 100,000 strands of hair on their heads. Therefore, hair loss of between 50 and 100 strands is not perceived as problematic. However, hair shedding above this number denotes trouble and experts recommend treatment at the very onset. Hair loss can be a result of several factors: malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, medicinal side-effects and scalp infection. Hair fall problems can also be hereditary. Whatever the cause, hair fall treatment with natural products exhibit indelible results and are, therefore, preferred by most.

Hair Fall Treatment: The Best Natural Remedies

Both medical practitioners and experts advise using aloe vera, egg, neem, henna and other natural products as hair fall treatment supplements. Medicines offer quick solutions to hair loss problems, but fail when it comes to providing a permanent cure. Natural products, on the other hand, strike at the cause of the problem and cure internally. When used in proper proportions and applied in the correct method, natural products enhance blood circulation to the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Some of the natural elements that have proven to be potent hair fall treatments include:

Green tea: Most people believe that green tea aids only in weight loss. However, it is important to know that a 2000 study proved that this natural supplement contains polyphenol catechins, which hinder the actions of certain enzymes that spark hair fall. Also, green tea reduces the production of DHT and testosterone in the body, which cures male pattern type baldness.

Castor and/or coconut oil: Both varieties of oil are useful in strengthening the roots and curing hair fall problems. However, if a lukewarm mixture of castor and coconut oil are applied on the scalp, it can prove even more useful in preventing dryness and eliminating dandruff problems.

Fenugreek seeds: These herbal seeds are known to lessen balding and hair thinning. To act as a hair fall remedy, Fenugreek seeds must be either ground or boiled before being made into a paste and applied on the scalp. Boiling proves to be a more potent method, as it releases the nutrients within the seeds into the water, which is then transferred onto the scalp and the hair shafts. The seeds have hormone precursors, nicotine acid and protein, which strengthen the hair shafts, remove dandruff and stimulate hair growth.

These hair fall treatments must not be considered as an alternative to a healthy diet. No amount of treatment can substitute the value of having a balanced diet consisting fish, eggs, milk, green vegetables, nuts, oysters and carrots among other things. For best results, eat well and use these treatments alongside.
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