Goth Eye Makeup

The mystic goth culture attracts everyone at some or the other time. Unlike any other culture, goth is associated with dark, mystery. Goth people are never easily seen, they do not like excessive attention. You will never see a goth girl shopping on streets or on the beach! Talking about goth makeup, unlike goth people, it is easily identifiable, you will find the use of only some specific shades. A true goth will always have these three characteristics; very pale skin, dark lips (mostly black) and dramatic eye makeup. Pale skin can be easily attained by little of foundation. However, for goth eyes, a little more efforts are required. Carrying goth eye makeup is as difficult as applying it. Acting like a goth is not very difficult, all you need to do is, maintain a expressionless face with lots of attitude and act like you are allergic to sun! Now that you know how to act like a goth, lets see how to do goth eye makeup. Read more on eye makeup ideas.

Goth Eye Makeup Designs

Step #1: Firstly, clean the eye area with a good cleanser, followed by a moisturizer. Before applying any kind of makeup, it is very necessary to clean the area of application. Apply eye cream, let it stand for 10 minutes and then apply under-eye concealer, neatly under both the eyes. Read more on Gothic makeup tips.

Step #2: Start applying eyeshadow base, in general eye makeup, eyeshadow base is not required. But for goth makeup it is needed as the colors need to stand out, and retain their dramatic look throughout the day. You can apply eyeshadow with the help of a brush or your finger tips. Use the ring finger, as this finger has the softest pad, this will ensure little and gentle application of the eyeshadow base. Read more on Gothic makeup ideas.

Step #3: Now the important step, application of the eyeshadow. You will need two shades of eyeshadow for goth eye makeup, one obviously black and the other any medium to dark eyeshadow. First apply the medium-dark eyeshadow, which can be any shade of brown or gray.

Step #4: Apply the medium-dark eyeshadow with the help of a makeup brush to the whole eyelid or only to the outer two-thirds, as per your choice. Wait for a few seconds, see if the eyeshadow has been neatly applied, check for any harsh line, brush them away and then move to the next step.

Step #5: When the medium-dark eyeshadow dries, apply the black eyeshadow. Use an angular brush for application. Create a dramatic eye makeup look by applying two coats, you can be experimental here. Like for example, you can apply the eyeshadow a bit beyond the eye, it will give you a classy goth look. You can make use of more medium-dark eyeshadow if the color looks uneven. Brush away harsh lines, if any. Remember it is important to smoothen out the eyeshadow, so that it does not look uneven.

Step #6: Now apply liquid eyeliner to both the eyelids. Liquid eyeliner looks more natural and lasts long. Applying the eye liner neatly is very important, as it is the eye liner which gives a deep look to a person's eyes. If black eye liner does not suit your eye color, you can go for dark brown or gray shade. A goth eye liner should always have a sharp end to it. Also apply thick strokes so that they look pronounced.

Step #7: Last but not the least, apply black mascara. You can curl your lashes before applying the mascara, it will make your eyes look wider and open. Apply two coats of mascara to top and the bottom eyelashes. After the application of mascara, comb the eyelashes with an eyelash comb, so that no clumps of mascara are left. Read more on dark eye makeup.

This was all about goth eye makeup. As you must have observed, goth eye makeup is not a difficult task, with just a little bit of skill and lots of black color, you can easily achieve a proper goth look!
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