Female Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos of feminine designs are becoming common with the passage of time. When tattoo fashion stepped in the modern society, only few and exceptional women got themselves tattooed. But in the last twenty years, female tattoo ideas have been greeted with great zeal and enthusiasm. Now tattoos have been socially accepted largely because of the celebrities who supported it. Most people now find tattoos appealing and attractive and are no more offensive. Tattoos have become a fashion item these days. It has been observed that more number of women than men are getting tattoos and also, there are lees social rebels seen against women getting tattoos.

Women are known for their delicacy and femininity. Generally, women are physically slim and delicate as compared to men. So, the female tattoos are smaller and beautiful. Tattoos on female body can be seen in one or two place unlike whole body covered in men. Also, the woman's tattoos are mild and light if compared to that of men. Most popular small female tattoo locations are lower back, inside the wrist, above the ankle, feet, back of the neck or shoulders, upper arm, hip and calves.

Now let's deviate a bit from the norm. While choosing a tattoo for yourself, be original and creative. Pick a design that suits your personality or says something about you. It is good to have a statement along with your tattoo which has special meaning. Here are some female tattoo ideas for you.

Small Female Tattoo Ideas

Getting what kind of tattoo is totally a matter of personal choice. Some women prefer big and bold tattoo designs whereas some like smaller and delicate looking tattoos. Some of the small tattoo ideas which are feminine in nature are:
  • Female Symbol: It is a very powerful symbol denoting planet Venus. This also reflects your strong belief in feminism.
  • Flowers: It can be made of any size and color of your choice. A flower tattoo can be placed at back, foot, above ankles, shoulder or arms. Choose the flower which best describes your nature and sentiments.
  • Butterflies: A small butterfly tattoo can be made at any part of the body. Give it a touch of unique color combination and write your initials on the wings to personalize it.
  • Dragonfly: It has many fairy tale qualities associated. It is very simple, but has a great visual impact. Incorporate different colors along with its delicate design. Looks amazing when placed on a wrist, neck, back or foot.
  • Asian or Egyptian Tattoos: You can choose various themes of Asian and Egyptian tattoos like courage, faith, peace and love. This again will represent your personality type. It looks very pretty when painted in black and gray color at the back or arms.
Cute Female Tattoo Ideas

Women are exploring the tattoo art and are coming up with unbelievable extraordinary tattoo designs. Female tattoo ideas with cuteness imbibed in it are in great demand. Here are some cute tattoo ideas.
  • Fairy: A small fairy tattoo looks beautiful when made on the neck or shoulder. It can reflect your own serene nature and is the symbol of youth.
  • Stars: Star is a cute and simple tattoo design. This image has a strong metaphysical meaning irrespective of any religion or culture. It looks amazingly simple when painted on arms or back of the shoulders.
  • Heart: Heart tattoos have been very popular. It is obviously symbolic of love and soul. Couples generally express their love by painting matching tattoos with their names written across it on arms or on waist.
  • Dolphin: Dolphin tattoos are symbolic of a benevolent protector. Dolphins are generally associated with joy and abundance. It looks very pretty when painted in chain around the ankle, arms or bellybutton.
  • Celtic: Celtic knots and butterflies as a sleeve tattoo looks very different from others. Celtic tattoos have always been in fashion irrespective of the age.
Apart from all these female tattoo ideas you can also create your own image which best suits your personality. You have got a wide variety of choice in modern as well as traditional tattoo designs. Before painting a tattoo, spend few hours to decide the design and calculate all it's pros and cons. After all, you will be spending your whole life with it.
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