Fake Lip Piercings

Body jewelry is a fascinating thing as there are so many varieties in them. If you like wearing face jewelry but can't get your nose or lip pierced, you can simply make a fake one on your own at home. Fake lip piercings are safe to wear as well as easy to remove. They are nothing but an artificial ring with a bead or studs which either stick to your lips or have magnets behind them to keep them in place. They can make a great accessory in your wardrobe and also can be made to look very real and original. So given below are a few simple steps to make fake lip piercings. More on different types of body piercing.

How to Make Fake Lip Piercings

Artificial or fake lip piercings are easily available in the market but you can make them at home too. Most of these fake lip piercings have a gap between them to attach them on the lip, in the desired position. Find out how you can make fake lip piercings easily. More on lip piercing infection.
  1. Take a thick strand of metallic silver and use wire cutters to cut the strand to the desired length.
  2. Clean the wire properly and make sure the tips are not pointed, use a metal sand paper to soften them.
  3. Find a small round magnet and glue it to each end of the silver. Use such a glue which will not loosen when it is wet and the magnet should not be very big, such that it can be visible on your lip.
  4. Make a small ring or hoop of the silver strand by bending it such that the magnets should touch each other and stick.
  5. Open the ring and put one side of the ring on your lip inside your mouth and the other on the outside. When you do this, your tongue automatically touches the inner side of the lip ring. But you need to avoid this as much as you can, especially when you're eating food.
  6. If you don't want to face this inconvenience, remove the lip ring when you eat, unless you're out with your friends and don't want them to know it's a fake piercing. More on fake tongue piercing.
How to Make a Fake Lip Piercing Look Real

Sometimes a fake lip piercing can look obviously fake and quite noticeably artificial. If you don't want to face such embarrassment yet wear a fake lip ring, take a look at some simple tricks to make one that looks real. More on lip piercing cost.
  1. You can use a tin foil of the length 1 to 2 inches or whichever size is desired.
    Fold up the tin foil piece about halfway along its width.
  2. Similarly fold the opposite edge about halfway inwards and fold the entire piece in half along the width so as to fold it thrice of the original width.
  3. Now flatten both the ends of the folded foil by squeezing them with your fingers and make sure you don't flatten the whole piece as it has to look like a real ring.
  4. Get the two ends together to shape it like a ring having a smooth surface.
  5. Place the ring in the same position in and out of your lip. Make sure it is tight enough that it doesn't fall off and flaunt your "lip piercing" in front of people. More on facial piercings.
With those really simple tips to make fake lip piercings on your own, you can make them at home whenever you want to wear one. If you want to spare yourself the pain of a real piercing, make one of these the next time you feel like wearing a lip piercing.
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