Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner is an incredible cosmetic product that gives your eyes an exotic look. Eyeliners come in different forms, like liquid eyeliners, cake eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, etc. There are many women who use eye liners on daily basis. Since an eye liner is a topical application, there are chances that the liquid spreads over eyes due to crying, rubbing eyes, perspiring, etc. This can make the eye area very unsightly, since the color of the eyeliner spreads under eye skin. Moreover some people have allergies to the ingredients used in such beauty products and cannot use them. At such times, an eyeliner tattoo can prove very useful. An eyeliner tattoo as the name suggests, is permanent lining of eyes by tattooing. Sometimes, it is also referred as micro tattooing or cosmetic tattooing. Let us take a look at some brief information on this eyeliner tattoo.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo
Eyeliner tattoo is a great method to give a permanent definition to your eyes. Applying topical eyeliner enhances the look of your eyes by giving defined frame to your eyes. It also changes the eye shape and can make your eyes look bigger. Same can be achieved by a permanent eyeliner tattoo. If you do not like the natural shape of your eyes, you can always get the desired shape with the help of permanent eyeliner tattoo. A permanent eyeliner tattoo not only enhances the look of your eyes, but also improves the overall look of your face. Once you get the permanent eyeliner tattoo, you will not have to worry about uneven application of liquid eyeliner, smudges and smears. Read more on eye makeup.

There are various thicknesses available with eyeliner tattoo and you can get the desired thickness. With permanent eyeliner you can swim, roam in the sun, without fear of the smudging around the eyes. An eyeliner tattoo also makes a good option for those who cannot apply the liquid eyeliner in a straight manner, due to shaky hands. Moreover, people who are allergic to cosmetic products can have permanent eyeliner tattoos. Eyeliner tattoo is not limited to black color and one can have various shades of different colors. Now, let us take a look at the procedure of the eyeliner tattoo.

Eyeliner Tattoo Procedure
The procedure of eyeliner tattoo is quite easy and usually there are no complications. But since the tattooing is to be done on sensitive area, i.e. the eye, there are some risk factors associated with it. For permanent makeup like eyeliner tattoo, it is always wise to approach a licensed beauty clinic. One must cross check whether the approached professional has done such tattooing previously. Checking the previous records of the professional can ensure his/her skills.

Before starting the tattooing process, a patch is applied on your skin to check if you are allergic to the pigment used for tattooing. Then, you have to select the color for your eyeliner tattoo. Eyeliner tattoo can be carved in brown, blue or any other color of your choice. Now, the main process of eyeliner tattoo starts with numbing the skin around the eyes. A topical cream is applied around the eyes to numb the skin. Then is done with the help of a sterile needle, the tattoo pigment is ingested around the eyes. You can have a permanent eyeliner tattoo, either on lower eyelids, upper eyelids or both.

Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare
It is necessary to follow the aftercare instructions to preserve the beauty of the permanent make-up tattoo. You may experience swelling and discomfort soon after getting the eyeliner tattoo. The intensity of these factors however completely depends on the way the artist has tattooed your eyes. It is recommended that you should avoid administration of any pain killer for at least 48 hours after getting the eyeliner tattoo. To reduce the discomfort caused under the eyelids, you can apply cool compress. Avoid scratching under the eyes until the wound heals completely. Apply vitamin E lotions to reduce the itchiness and sunscreen lotions to avoid fading due to sunlight. You should not apply any cosmetic product, until the eyeliner tattoo heals completely.

Eyeliner Tattoo Problems
Risk of developing eyeliner tattoo side effects increases, if the tattoo is done by an untrained professional. The use of needle near the eyes is quite discomforting with the fear of needle piercing into the eyes. One of the biggest disadvantages of eyeliner tattoo is that the darkness of the eyeliner fades with time. Moreover, once you get a permanent eyeliner tattoo, it's removal is very difficult and you have to carry the tattoo for your whole life. Many people have experienced scabbing of the tattoo, that spoils the natural look of the eye. You cannot completely rely on the permanent eyeliner tattoo for defining your eyes and you may have to apply topical eyeliner to enhance the look.

This was a summary on eyeliner tattoo procedure and it's problems. The eyeliner tattoo cost depends upon the thickness of the eyeliner tattoo and the color used for the same. Use of needles near sensitive areas like eyes is always risky. So, before making your final decision of getting an eyeliner tattoo, ensure that you have made good search of all the related information.
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