Designer Perfumes

Divine, woody, delicious or fruity, what’s the flavor of the day for you? Designer perfumes have flooded the market, making the whole act of using perfumes a very elite affair! A hint of a fragrance can do wonders to the way your entire day shapes up! One can make a strong fashion statement about himself/herself with the kind of designer fragrance he/she uses. When you choose the fragrance, always ensure you try out the tester and wait for a few seconds before you actually take a whiff of the perfume. This will help you to come closest to the kind of designer perfumes you would want to buy. You would never be completely dressed up without the right kind of designer perfume. Check out some of the designer perfumes mentioned below that should help you to get a clear view of some of the top brands in the market.

Top Designer Perfumes:

Carolina Herrera:
Carolina Herrera is one of leading brands in the fashion industry. Carolina Herrera’s designer perfumes are most sought after for their elegant and ethereal fragrances. Carolina Herrera 212 is one of my favorites as well its fresh and floral fragrance that can brighten up your day. Besides, this designer perfume comes in a very unique bottle that makes it so unique to own!

Christian Dior:
Flowery and refreshing, these designer fragrances are really tempting and alluring to anybody who has tried it just once. I Love Dior was first introduced in 2002. The Midnight Poison was specially launched for Valentine’s Day. The Chinese snuff bottles have inspired this designer perfume. Women can take their pick from Jadore, which is packed in a very feminine bottle. This has a sensual fragrance, or the Dior Addict that have a variety of perfumes under this category. The Dior Addict 2 is a personal favorite of mine with its sexy and flirtatious flavor. Men can go in for the Dior Homme or the Eau Sauvage. If you are looking for designer cologne, you can go in for the Dior Homme, which has a wonderful and delicious combination of citrus notes and sprinkles of orange blossom.

The Azzaro brand has a range of designer perfumes for men as well as women. The Azzaro, has a highly intoxicating fragrance which can add to the romance of the evening. For the flirtatious girly effect, you need to own the exquisitely styled Pink Tonic. Available in a pretty pink bottle, it is a combination of floral and fruity notes. Men can go in for the seductive Silver Black designer perfume, which is sophistication, combined with an extremely captivating, mysterious fragrance. This one is a surefire way to capture her heart! The Azzaro Pour Homme is truly international in its appeal and young guys need to add just a dab of this for a tantalizing fragrance for the night.

Giorgio Armani:
This Italian fashion designer has his own lines of designer perfumes. Rich and intoxicating, these are bound to drive you wild when you have a first glance at the range. Attitude by Giorgio Armani range of designer perfumes oozes sensuality and masculinity. No wonder the name - Attitude! Its powerful and mysterious fragrance is packed in a sleek bottle. Women also can have a great time with the wide varieties such as the Armani Code for Women which has a fascinating fragrance packaged in an elegant bottle. Giorgio Armani designer perfumes truly know how to flatter a person in all respects.

Dolce Gabbana:
Dolce Gabbana needs no introduction in the fashion and beauty sector! The Dolce Gabbana range of designer fragrances is mind-boggling and the exquisite elaborate designs are combined with stylish fragrances that are bound to dazzle all those die-hard fashionistas. Dolce Gabbana- Light Blue for women is ideal for the soft and feminine personality. This combines the Sicilian Cedar with the fresh fragrance of the Granny Smith apple.

Calvin Klein:
The more I try to write about Calvin Klein, the lesser it seems! Calvin Klein’s Obsession truly became an obsession for women with its top of the line packaging and chic fragrance. Eternity by Calvin Klein is one such that you would probably want to wear for eternity. The CK IN 2 U is one such uber cool designer fragrance that has a hint of sugary orchids. Men can take their pick from the CK In 2 U deodorant stick that can add to the glam quotient.

Oooh! Chanel, with its line of beauty products can make any women feel excitable when it comes choosing from their fantastic top of the line products. The Coco Mademoiselle fragrance range has some amazing perfume sprays that have been recently launched in the market. Chanel No 5 is a timeless creation for women who love the beautiful fragrances of flowers. You can definitely take a chance with Chance from the Coco Chanel group. This is a combination of floral and a tinge of spice. The Coco fragrance range has an eclectic mix of spicy, woody, floral and seductive fragrances and designer colognes to entice anyone who gets spellbound with this brand.

Nina Ricci:
Nina Ricci designer perfumes are also the most sought after by many fashion conscious people today! Nina Ricci for women is packaged in a very alluring bottle that is dressed in shades of red. The lovely round shape looks like a little jewel every woman would love to own. The design draws its inspiration from the Fille d’Eve bottle, which was deigned in the year 1952 by Nina Ricci. Apart from this there is also the Nina Ricca Signoricci and the Nina Ricci Premier Jour that has captured the complete essence of a woman in a small but beautifully structured bottle. Wearing a Nina Ricci is like wearing an artistic fragrance that is truly a masterpiece.
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