1. Patterns

Artistic layers, unusual patterns and nomadic look – these are the key words, when it comes to the new fashion look for the next season. The biggest designers have included this look into their fall collection, but one of the brands simply rules the fashion scene.


Angela Missoni has created the bespoke look of the autumn as she mixed together different fabrics and patterns in an artistic manner. The colors are well chosen, but in the meantime they are adding unique feeling and creative look.

2. Stylish Sorority Colors

There is nothing more modern, but a grey dress combined with a classical cardigan. The sequined flats in the same nuances add just a perfect finish to this classy and elegant look.

layering with dress

Playing with the classical items and mixing the best of them is the right key for your modern appeal this season. As for the accessories, the bags are preferably mini cocktail bags, while the belts are large with incrusted crystals on them.

3. Monochromic

Tweed vests, high collar jackets, black bottom and chunky sweaters – all this is part of the monochromic look of the season. Dark is the major color as you can combine it with colors of the dark palette.

layer clothes

The nomadic look is obvious, but it is created with different clothing that resembles British mountaineers from the 20s. Black boots are the perfect finish to this artistic look.

4. Base And Cover

This is one of the most fashionable combination of the season, but it requires a special attention to any detail. In order to layer your clothing, go for a combination that is mixing well. For instance, you can always mix together different fabrics or patterns.

layer clothing

For more glamorous look choose to layer a cardigan over a fitted top. It is a stunning combination. As for the color palette, make sure the contrast isn’t too much.

5. Girly Ruffles

Neutral colors and ruffles – these two things match perfectly the new fashion season. Go for skirts with ruffles and combine them with neutral colored top with flower motifs.

layered clothing

The combination of different shapes and lengths is also recommended, for it is creating a more feminine look. In case you want to create a romantic appeal, simply wear over the knee socks in a smooth color. The boots are also a must have, but go for colors like brown or grey.

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