Bvlgari is known, in the long history of jewelry, as maybe the first brand who reintroduced the serpent motif in the 20th century, adapting it into a wristwatch. Since 1949, the year when the first model of the snake-shaped bracelet-watch was brought to life, Bvlgari reinterpreted this specific symbol into many artistic designs.

Today, in order to celebrate its 125th anniversary, Bvlgari presented a new collection of one of their bold icons, the snake, called “Serpenti”. This new collection is all about a variety of forms, decorated with precious stones like diamonds, pink coral, jade, as well as onyx, with bracelets manufactured from precious metals, like 18k white and rose gold. The Serpenti collection deeply reflects Bvlgari’s style and tradition in combining modern or contemporary elements with their famous classic vision.

Bvlgari Serpenti anniversary jewelry collection includes five different watches, all in pink or white gold. These specific models come both in double or single coin, with plenty of elegant decorations, like colored gemstones, or diamonds, these timeless accessories. An extreme attention to details has made possible that the snake’s skin can be beautifully and very artistically reproduced.

Every detail in these watches is carefully considered and is a piece of art itself. Imagine a snake inserted into a watch, individual component which simulate the creature's scales, the head, the tale and the body, all made from precious metals and stones. This is certainly more of a jewelry collection than a watch one, so if you’re into fine jewelry collection, don’t hesitate and choose Bvlgari’s Serpenti anniversary jewelry collection.

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