This winter and spring promises new and exciting colors for the lips. The emphasis in the past season has been on luscious, full lips. Most cosmetic companies have introduced their own version of a sexy pout made perfect with a little help. Even Justin Timberlake has influenced the cosmetic world with his new song SexyBack. We really didn’t need to be reminded that sexiness is in; for sexiness always has been. It may have been disguised or subtle; or it may have been front and center. It even may have seen as flirtatious. Sexy is who we are; we are women! Our lips are all of these; disguised, subtle, front and center, flirtatious. This season offers lip makeup in colors and techniques to complement all aspects of our lips.

Disguised and Subtle Lip Makeup

Nude lip makeup has made its entry on the runways this year. It is easy to adapt this fun cosmetic technique to everyday wear.

You first need to begin with moisturized and exfoliated lips. Our lips tend to get overlooked when it comes to pampering. They do take a beating. When I exfoliate my lips, I use a balm mixed with gentle exfoliating cream. Gently, rub in a circular motion to rid the lips of dry skin and help circulate the blood. It is important not to rub too hard. The lips are very sensitive to scrubs. A little goes a long way.

There are two beautiful methods of wearing nude lip makeup. The first is very dramatic and makes a statement. You may want to keep the first for parties. Apply foundation lightly over the lips. Try not to make the lips disappear. You do not need to line the lips. Using a creamy nude lipstick, apply a coat on the lips. Foundation will help show the subtle color of the nude lipstick. For a dramatic pout, try applying a dab of gloss on the center of the lower lip. This will illuminate and emphasize the lower lip.

The second method of wearing nude lip makeup is more sensual and romantic. This method can be used for daytime wear as well. Use a tinted gloss lip makeup. I recommend a rose or peach tone. Both hues represent youthfulness as seen in our lips as children. No lining of the lips is necessary. Simply apply the gloss to the lips, beginning in the center and working outward, placing less and less as you work you way out. For more depth and emphasis on fullness, place a small amount of red lipstick on the center, bottom lip, focusing on the inner portion. This little trick creates an illusion of fullness.

Front and Center Lip Makeup

Another hot trend for this year is the appearance of bold colors and lips lined with precision. Colors of burgundy, rose, cotton candy pink, cinnamon, and spice are essential colors for the season. All show fun and excitement, making a bold statement. It is equally important to match the liner well with the creamy lipstick when using bold colors. Apply the lipstick using a lip brush for more control and accuracy. The creamy texture will glide easily with a lip brush. Clean any smudges using a sponge. Since these colors are already bold, gloss does not need to be applied. Try Jane Iredale Cosmetics for the incredible selection and quality of lip makeup in both bold and beautiful and nude colors. www.janeiredale.com/

Flirtatious Lip Makeup

Red is a deliciously hot color that deserves center stage this season. It is a color that can truly stand alone. When choosing a red lip makeup, be sure to stay within the warm or cool shade to match your skin tone. Using the wrong tone will make your skin appear ashy or washed out. Cherry red is a hot color that works well on many skin tones.

Red lip makeup should be applied precisely. First, prep the lips to begin with a smooth texture. Carefully line the lips, correcting any flaws. Using a creamy lipstick to match, apply the lip makeup with a lip brush beginning in the center and moving outward. Because red lip makeup can stain, increase the amount of lip makeup gradually; it is easier to apply more than to take off. Remove and correct any flaws using a sponge. Check for evenness. Finally, apply a light coating of gloss for a dramatic effect. Keep the gloss lighter since gloss can smear.

There are several cosmetic companies that take the guess work out of matching lip makeup. Look for companies such as Almay that package the lip makeup together. M.A.C.; www.maccosmetics.com/, offers a wide selection of quality lip makeup in many shades of red and products to protect and nourish the lips.

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