Balmain's Spring/Summer 2011 releases a collection full of edginess and urban-grunge influences over fashion this season. Going mostly for a darker area in chromatic styling, Christophe Decarnin puts an accent on a hidden masculine rough side into his designs. Check out next how everything turned out at Balmain!

The Balmain fashion house is one of the leading Parisian labels that was founded by fashion designer

Pierre Balmain, the person who took his own brand to a high level in this industry. The “king of French fashion” reached success and popularity during the World War II, but after his death the label kept going down. His mark over the Balmain designs were known as being very sophisticated and elegant with lots of luxury and classic designs.

Today, the fashion designer Christophe Decarnin is the one that runs over Balmain since 2005 and he is the responsible for re-taking the brand once again to the top. Going for edgier and more sophisticated designs, Decarnin knows that his personal mark on Balmain is very successful for our new modern times.

If in his women's collections, Christophe Decarnin goes mostly for bold and outstanding designs, choosing silver and gold to maintain glamour and an unique appearance, in his menswear collections he chooses to take things to another chapter. He goes mostly for darker or neutral colors and classic cuts for the designs, by presenting minimalistic pieces that shine out through the attitude and personality that these clothes put in value.

The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection at Balmain seems to bring a lot of energy through eccentric pieces that rocked out this presentation for the next season. With a major accent going on the boots, we see that the accessories are the ones that spice up every look and belts, scarves or chains play along the attraction point too. The details on every single piece put in value the simplistic styling choices that Decarnin made, and acid washed up jeans or light colored ones bring a new wave of well-thought masculine messiness.

The main trend that this collection emphasizes for the next season, is the double denim. We've spotted different ideas for jeans yet Christophe Decarnin takes them to extremes by bringing them more unique in combination with the dark grey-black colored denim jacket, which brings a vintage appeal to this modern urban-grunge inspired collection.

Images via Gq.com

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