1. Girly Leather

Leather jackets will never go out of the fashion scene, but this summer they come as a real inspiration for the girly look. Try the bold summer leather jackets, which are short and go well for any occasion.

leather jackets

This one is presented by Juicy Couture and is the perfect perforated leather jacket for girls with style.

2. Cape Sleeved Wonder

The Asos’s latest line is all about jackets and blazer for women that want to wear classy outfits.

cape sleeved jacket

This cape sleeved wonder is glamorous, but yet very comfortable, for the fabric is entirely lightweight and allows comfort in the summer evenings. Another good reason to choose the cape sleeved jacket is in its look that is perfect for a party night.

3. Casual Blazer

Casual, but chick- these are the exact words to describe the look of the casual blazer this summer. The colors are neutral and match all kind of outfits.

summer blazers

The blazers are trendy, so don’t hesitate to fill your wardrobe with this stylish and elegant blazer. Check the latest lines of Asos and Prada, for they are presenting amazing summer blazers.

4. Safari Jackets

It is never too late for safari and this is proven by the collections of the biggest designers. The safari jackets are back in the trend, so go for the safari jackets in neutral colors.

safari jackets

They are extremely stylish and allow all kind of accessories. Go for African motifs or Arabian necklines, for they are perfect accessories for the safari jacket.

5. Short Sleeve Pretty

Short sleeves are the key words, when it comes to modern summer jackets. They come in dark colors and chick buttons. The silhouette is simple, while the jackets make a good combination with all kind of jeans.

short sleeve jackets

High heels are also good decision, in case you want to impress with the short sleeve jackets.

6. Cropped & Cute Denim

Casual and chic, the cropped denim jackets are the bespoke fashion hit of the season. From Hollywood stars to average women- this summer is all about short denim jackets with interesting patterns and motifs.

cropped denim jackets

This one is simple and cute, but in case you need something really impressive, just go for the lightweight cropped denim jacket with floral motifs. You can wear it with skinny jeans or mini skirt, but no matter what you choose, the denim jackets stay classy and casually-elegant.

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