People say that one learns on his own mistakes (in love, profession, family), but if the point is skin care, learn from the experience of your predecessors. This post is about the mistakes you can stay away from relying onto the advices of the elder friends.

How to avoid the mistakes and care about the skin

Mistake #1

Lots of girls don’t know their skin type as there are few problems that bother them. And they buy the products that they saw their moms, friends used. Meanwhile the choice of the cosmetics is quite an intimate case. There shouldn’t be any fashion following, but only your skin preferences.

Do you know how many problems you can get applying oily creams onto the oily skin? Skin pores simply can’t breathe and be free from the dirt. And what if you put on the drying creams having the normal one?

Conclusion: diagnose your skin type. There are plenty of on-line resources to help you. For example, you can go to the global cosmetic brands sites and pass the tests determining your skin type. Probably, these tests are trustworthy as the brands are interested in selling you the right product so that you could be satisfied with their cosmetics and become their resident buyer. This is the first what you can do staying in the computer chair.

The second one is you should consult the specialist. The consultant-dermatologists provide some perfume and cosmetic salons with free first consultation. Remember, that you should be curious about your skin!

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Mistake #2

There are not many girls who know how to clean the skin believing that soap is enough at the age of 18-20. Tightened skin they take as the cleanness indicator. And this is a big mistake! Good soap that matches your skin type shouldn’t dry or tighten the skin. You are lucky if your soap is half creamy. But what if it’s not?

Conclusion: know more about your soap. If your soap peels the lipidic layer daily, if the pH isn’t neutral, if there are some irritations, know that all these will affect your face in the future. Find the products that can clean your face skin harmlessly.

Mistake #3

This paragraph makes sense for those who uses makeup or is going to do it. The conception of modern demakeup is a two-phase procedure. If you use only a wad with cosmetic milk and then wash the face with soap, then you do recklessly! This sort of demakeup choke up the pores and doesn’t care about the skin at all.

Conclusion: clean the skin twice! The first phase should be accomplished with the special makeup removal products (milk or oil), and the second phase is so to say cleaning after cleaning – you should take away the rest of the first-phase-cleaning cosmetics. That would be great if you use a special oil-free gel, mouse or tonic matching your skin type.

How to care about your skin

Mistake #4

If you skin is pretty dry or peels off regularly, don’t underestimate it. It’s the first sign that your skin is in need of additional nourishment. Lend a hand! Nourish the places that peel most. Apply the nourishing creams onto he problematic skin places. The rest of the skin doesn’t require another cream as it copes to balance the oil without any help. However, modern creams meet the requirements of affecting wholesomely the various skin areas.

Conclusion: chose the nourishing product for your skin type and use it daily. The skin lacking for nourishing, is inclined to irritations, damages, mircoruptures causing premature ageing.

Mistake #5

Almost every sunburn influences the skin condition with age. It becomes evident if you go outdoors without putting on any skin protection cream or lotion. Nowadays there are plenty of sun protection pleasant fragrant products. Protect your skin, if you don’t want to be covered with wrinkles and pigment spots after 35.

Conclusion: keep in your bag sun protection UVA and UVB creams. That’ll be just wonderful if all your day products contain SPF filters (moistening cream, foundation and makeup cosmetics). They are a bit of a higher price, but they worth it. And don’t be ashamed to wear hats, baseball caps, sunglasses.

Mistake #6

Although you might know the latest fashion makeup trends, but still cover your face with something wrong. A lot of girls make this mistake because they choose the color of lipstick over its quality. Irritating and allergic mascara is applied the same way just like the creams.

Conclusion: learn more about your skin and cover it with only what it needs. Be captious choosing skin care products that fit your skin type and your age either. Anti-aging products may harm your skin if using at the wrong age. The cosmetics that you aren’t sure of shouldn’t draw your attention.

Mistake #7

Sometimes you are simply lazy, sometimes it’s your lack of knowledge or attention, but the fact is that the neck should be nourished and protected against the sun rays, free radicals and other harmful exposures too. Wrinkled neck with flabby skin can spoil even the most blooming appearance.

Conclusion: Taking care of the face, don’t forget about the neck. Clean it, moisten, massage, in short, do what you do for your face.

Treating your skin well

Mistake #8

It can sound ridiculous, but a lot of women find the wrinkles after sleep. Wrong sleep to be exact! If you prefer sleeping on one side, it provokes wrinkles appearing. The quality of a pillow influences on the situation in a good or bad ways. Ask a 40-year-old woman how the sleeping position effects the skin face in the morning! And if it happens day by day?

Conclusion: sleeping on the back is perfect. And find a good orthopaedic pillow that will be on the watch of your beauty. To avoid the wrinkles on the neck, stir clear off the high pillows.

Mistake #9

Each girl faces this mistake. When we are young, we eat everything including fast food, alcohol and smoking cigarettes. This indulgence might affect your figure and skin with time. Remember the saying: “We are what we eat!” What do you want to be: fat turkey or sweet peach? What skin do you want? Fruits and vegetables are wholesome for both the health and skin condition.

Conclusion: revise your eating regime. For openers, strike off the sweets and carbonated water. That’s a real evil for your skin! And eat more vegetables and fruits. Keep your weight stable. Weight loss or heavy weight gaining is the kind of stress for the skin and as a result – wrinkles and flabby skin.

Mistake #10

Skin should be moisturized constantly. Provide it with what you drink. When you take gulps of water, you definitely see the difference. It’s an incontestable fact proved by women.

Conclusion: water, water and water! But not carbonated water! Some dietitians recommend drinking water even at night if you awake for some reason. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty!

This simple truth can make you feel responsible for your face skin. You should always be aware of the fact that only 40% of your skin condition depends on the cosmetic care and procedures, and 60% on your life style, meals and positive attitude toward the life. So, let’s launch the changes, and your skin will say “Thank You!”

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