Trendy Charm Bracelet

Trendy Chunky Charm Bracelets

Kate Spade always comes up with something very trendy, feminine and fun on most of her accessory designs. This Kate Spade Color Cafe Cube Charm Bracelet is definitely not an exception to such as this shows playful approach in its multicolor design, yet sophistication in its entirety. This bracelet features cubes and baubles in complementing bright shades, which definitely makes it look lively. It shows various charms that hang from a 12-karat gold-plated base metal chain-link, which then brings its feminine-sophisticated appeal. It measures about eight inches long, with cube dimension of 5/8 x 5/8-inch and sphere diameter of 5/8-inch as well.
Trendy Charm Bracelet with purple color

Cute v with feminine design

Cool Trendy Charm Bracelet with black pearls combination

Trendy Charm Bracelet with yellow color

Trendy Charm Bracelet with silver mode

Beautiful Trendy Charm Bracelet with pearl design

Trendy Charm Bracelet with beautiful beads design

Trendy Fashion Handbag, High Heel Shoe, Crown, and Hearts Antique Silver Chunky Charm Bracelet

Trendy Charm Bracelet with woody design of pendant and brown color of beads
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