Handmade Necklace

Jewelry has been used by early mankind, archeological findings and studies suggest that ornaments or jewelries were once used to strap in the clothing’s as a lock. But as mankind progresses, jewelry was used as a form of ornament, as well as a charms and other symbolic item in which they gave importance to drive away demons, sickness and as well attracting good life and luck.

Handmade jewelry is nice, creative, and has no patterns to perfect. It’s just a flow in which the artistic mind of a person creates his or her own jewelry. As with the early ancestors, they don’t use any machines to make a jewelry.

Silver Handmade Necklace With Green and Purple Pearl Combination Looks Pretty

Handmade Polymer Clay Orange and Yellow beads. Handcrafted with Sterling Silver wire, crimps, chains and findings. Beadalon .018 in/19 water pearls, crackle beads and Austrian crystals bicone beads for final details.Beautiful and unique for that special occasion.

Pearl Handmade Necklace Make Your Neck Looks Fully

The turquoise gemstone is believed to promote creativity. This is certainly true for us, as some of our favorite and most innovative designs are made with this fantastic gemstone. The latest inspiration came in the form of this original and flirtatious handmade necklace. Playfully chic, this handmade turquoise necklace is guaranteed to bring out your sassy side!

Chic Handmade Necklace With Unique Design

Beautiful Golden Handmade Necklace With Colorful Pearl

Simple Handmade Necklace With White and Golden Pearl

Leather Handmade Necklace With Flowers Mode Looks Artistic

This colorful necklace with blue screw thread pearls,yellow rice-shape pearls,dyed shell beads,light blue gemstones and black crystals mixing arrange in groups.

Unique Handmade Necklace With Unusual Design

Great Handmade Necklace Looks Elegant
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