From Meg Ryan’s varieties of short cuts to Victoria Beckham’s new chic looking one… short hairstyles for women have always been in vogue. In fact, if you flip through the pages of hairstyle history, you will find that over the past hundred years the shag, the chop, the pixie, the bob and various other classic short styles have remained in fashion through the years.

Women who have opted for going short have always known that a well-crafted short style gives them the opportunity to try out practically endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with the wide array of hair styling products at hand these days, ranging from waxes and gels to sprays and creams. You can go stick straight, scrunch, spike, curl, back-comb, or wave, according to your mood, with the range of irons, blow dryers, pins, clips and accessories. For instance, hot flat irons can be used in a variety of ways on small sections of hair, which can then be layered, creating edgy and unusual styles.

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