Dress can indirectly talk about your profession. Your dress can give an impression about you at the first sight. So your dress plays an important role in making who you are. Understand the dress code for your profession and in particular about the company. Avoid casual dresses. This may be comfortable but you nay loose the impression you ought to have with peers just by wearing casuals. Your dress should always be neat, clean and fitting your body. The color you choose should match your skin color. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.

Getting officially dresses doesn’t mean you have to give away your personal choices.

Here are some tips for men:

  • Choose a suit. Full three-piece suits can give a good impression.
  • Suit color can be navy, gray and black.
  • Your pants should be long enough that your socks may not be seen outside while sitting.
  • Fingernails should be clean.
  • Always wear official leather shoes. Avoid wearing sport shoes.
  • Your belt should match with the color of your pants or suit.

Tips for women:

  • Wear a dress as suit.
  • Do only light make up or no makeup.
  • Avoid too bright colored nail polish.
  • Avoid wearing too much jewelry and bangles making noise.
  • Pearl jewelry can give you a professional look and easily matches your dress.

Again if you are a low income person unaffordable to buy office wearing suits, accept donations of used professional clothing items and accessories that are in good condition.

Always wear dresses that match the season. Example: Should not choose terrycloth in summer and linen in winter. Avoid a situation in which you have to be told what not to wear to work by your peers.

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