Haircutting story by beauty expert Moris Garon for Gimps.de
Passionate Maria Ozawa felt a growing joy of excitement each time she exposed herself to cute pictures of short hair cuts for women. Excited Maria felt even more flurry, shortly before her monthly hairdo makeover with one of the hot, popular, cute celebrity hairstyles for famous star people who afforded a permanent laser hair removal in NYC.

Determined Maria knew well that proper selection of the funky short hair style can brighten up a woman's life as same as the teeth brighten up after a treatment with professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.

Willing to go for sure Maria Ozawa decided to use the professional services of a female, short, brunette master stylist Vera Swan, who could easily provide professional consultancy on the newest, latest, modern women's short hair styles.

Overwhelmed by expectations Maria Ozawa made her way to the hairstyling salon of Vera Swan where beautiful women enjoy a pleasure of getting funky, spiky, short hair cuts with black hair extensions that make men's eyes look as if they shine in bright colors of colored contacts or any other cheap contact lenses from UK.

Entering the salon Maria Ozawa was amazed by the beauty of three dark dyed, gothic celebrity models who were smilingly leaving the hairdressing Salon of Vera Swan. Those smiling Asian models appeared to be freshly hairdressed with cropped, chunky, choppy styles of short hair cuts for women who prefer the latest Italian fashion of crazy, messy, sassy celebrity haircuts and styles. Stunned by the female models Maria felt a glimmer of hope for her own intention of getting one of Vera Swan's attractive, beautiful, elegant women's hairstyles.

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