Many have origins across the globe and are ancient, but wedding traditions evolve over time and new ones co-exist with the old. One lovely wedding tradition is the wearing a tiara and is taken from ancient times where there was a white ribbon worn around the shoulders and head of a king, which signified his power and wealth. Often the bride’s attendants like bridesmaids, flower girls and maid of honor are presented with rings shaped like miniature tiaras which can make really beautiful wedding favors for those directly involved in the wedding.

Today you will find a number of wedding nuptials incorporating the groom taking the garter from the leg of his bride and then either tossing the garter over his shoulder or snapping it with his fingers to fly threw the air for his single groomsmen or male wedding guests to catch.

Customized wedding dresses with your size
wedding traditions
Previously, when you are in plus sizes and are about to be married, your wedding dresses should be customized with your size. Most wedding dresses are designed for women that are small to large. Rarely does a bridal salon have plus sizes. This is because mot salons find only a minority of women in plus sizes. Plus sizes represent only a small portion of the total population of women. But that was the old times.

In the latest fashion, plus sizes has already been recognized. There have already been quite a number of bridal salons offering wedding dresses in plus sizes. This makes the women in full figures happy with the availability of their size. In fact, they are not just offering it as a customized wedding dress. Salons offer it as part of their ready-to-wear categories. Now, women in plus sizes can already buy wedding dresses that fits them right
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