fter an epoch of sexual revolution and at all does not remain any treasured secret places on a body of the modern woman, looking on which, the man something could to itself romantic think. All for show, all to openly sight. And nevertheless the world of Haute couture does not surrender and tries to offer in each season any new variation on this theme.

Especially it should be expected from a summer fashion, calculated on hot weather, frivolous walks, resort novels, solar violence. Sections, cuts, a decollete in sexy dress - all this a classical set of directly killing weapon in struggle of floors. And in the summer we receive the maximal opportunity at last to start up it in business.

We even shall try to take also a part of this arsenal on arms. As a choice, in general, the broadest. However, on all things offered today obviously extend some the common rules which can be designated as the tendency of a season in this delicate sphere of sexy dress.

sexy dressFirst, having proclaimed the main motto of a summer season romanticism and sentimentality, designers do not recede from it in what. So the sexuality concentrated in open dresses, is absolute this summers is deprived of aggression. Even very open things (for example, from D&G) are filled more likely by young sensuality, than erotizm.

Secondly, use of transparent fabrics and a lacy sexy dress has led in this season to very interesting combinations. There are multi-layers which sometimes looks even more excitingly, than usual deep decolletes. At Alessandro Dell ` Acqua, Blumarine, Collete Dinnigan, Chanel, Fendi, Moschino, Versace and many other things of known Houses of a fashion sexy tops, sexy blouses, sexy skirts, sexy dresses from a black transparent lacy grid are put on directly atop of that looks as quite sexual complete set of underwear of the same black color.

And still today the set of traditional decolletes in sexy dresses - both in front, and behind is offered to us. It is necessary to orient in time only in these riches of a choice and to stop that to you is the closest. For example, in actual collections it is possible to see a lot of traditional coctail dresses which now in general are deprived shoulder straps.

sexy dress Narrow sexy dresses fitting on a figure from D&G, Valentino, Lanvin, Narciso Rodrigues; sexy dresses with fitting or hardly flared skirts and more rigid bodices-semi-corset from Stella Mccartney, Giambattista Valli, Bill Blass; straight lines or And-shaped sexy dresses without the accented waist with assembly on a line of the underestimated decollete from Barbara Bui, Gui Laroche, Marni - all of them are incorporated by the open shoulders.

Similarly at the same designers many look also tops which are offered to be carried with narrow trousers or shorts. However, such tops basically look as coquettish corsets and consequently are not a novelty, travelling on world podiums any more the first season. However involves that circumstance, that such tops it is possible to carry with jackets and jackets even in business conditions. And it is easily possible to transform the order in sexual and intended for more intimate dialogue in the evening. And all this - not coming at all home to change clothes.

Why designers today so have taken a great interest in the open shoulders? Thus in most cases they at all do not use any ornaments. Probably, the solution consists in how touchingly look naked collar-bones, a graceful line of a neck, rounded shoulders. It quite corresponds to a spirit of the majority of designers on a romantic wave.

If you do not love absolutely open shoulders and feel uncomfortable in clothes without shoulder straps try to put on a dress or top with wide crew neck which in this season also is recommended to be lowered a little from shoulders. Thus the image turns out not simply romantic. And romantic with a shade of a retro.

sexy dressAs to usual decolletes too it is a lot of them. And it is natural in a summer wardrobe. Their most widespread form today - deep enough V-shaped cut both in front, and behind. Rounded cut too are widespread, but they so chaste, that somehow language does not turn to name their sexual word of a decollete.

This form of a decollete, probably, is caused this summer by an abundance of sexy dresses with the overestimated waistline in style an empire style. Here the silhouette of model inevitably means V-shaped cut. A difference only in approaches. For example, at Oscar de la Renta to such low decollete it is added also a large ethnic necklace, and at Donna Karan it gets married a contrast bow on color.

In collections of the House of fashion Paco Rabanne in general inclined to geometrical forms and constructivism, a sharp corner of a V-shaped decollete it is cut simply off, and it represents more likely the turned trapeze. And the House of fashion Luca Luca gracefully beats motives black-and-white schedules, in addition drawing of attention to such decollete.

But the special sight by all means should be thrown and on a back it is modern the young lady going in holiday or on a friendly party. Deep cut on this place, generally, today you will surprise nobody. Therefore it is necessary to find any different ways to draw attention and simultaneously to show graceful lines plain a sunburnt back.

This summer in a role of those various tapes, the bows, the bound cords, crosspieces from a fabric of the same or contrast color, even metal chains act first of all. By the way, thus as an additional element of a decor can act distinction of textures of those fabrics, which are used (we we we shall tell, a sexy dress from the atlas, and crosspieces on a back - from a velvet), and prints (for example, a monochrome basic fabric and tapes in a fine floret). Well works here and a combination of dense fabrics with transparent. It gives an additional piquancy.
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