Japanese Winter Shoes

2010 new winter shoes short hair sexy stiletto boots

Sexy Japanese Winter Shoes with black color of shoes and high heels design

So now that it is officially winter in most states and the snow has come down in feet rather than inches, it is time to pull out the old boots again. Like the ones in this picture for instance, these boots are Japanese and they are by far some of the coolest looking boots in the world. On the bottom they feature what looks like a horse shoe (which is kind of … strange) and it looks like they are wedge boots instead of heels, which makes them way safer to walk in, in the wintertime.

Cool Japanese Winter Shoes for men

Japan VIVI Classic Woolly leather edge-turner Winter snow socks

Japan’s Foot the Coacher delivers a set of ultra warm winter mid top shoes. The best feature is the ankle strap that assists in keep the winter elements from slipping into your socks and liner.

Cute Japanese Winter Shoes with pink color of shoes for ladies

Japanese Winter Shoes made from leather with high heels design and brown color

Trendy Japanese Winter Shoes for men
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