One of the most memorable keepsakes from a wedding is the cake topper. Unique wedding cake toppers are a perfect way to immortalize this special day. A glance at it in the china cabinet can bring all the memories of the special day flooding back – even years later.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Cake Toppers:
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize the First Date. What better way to mark the occasion of your wedding than by recalling your first date?
Couples often speak fondly of their first date. Whether it was a good one, or a complete disaster, it's a tale that's often regaled for years.
A unique wedding cake topper that recalls some element of that date encapsulates time in an unforgettable way. Did you all get caught in the rain, have a bonfire on the beach, ride go carts like teenagers?
Whatever your special date was, you can have a unique wedding cake topper made to remember the occasion by.
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize the Engagement. Following along in the same vein as the idea mentioned above, unique wedding cake toppers that memorialize engagements is a romantic idea that many of your friends will probably want to copy.
The day you declared to the world that your commitment was going to be permanent. Imagine this sitting atop your wedding cake, the day you sealed the promise you made to each other when you got engaged.
An “engagement cake topper” can be one of you all as a couple, of your wedding rings, an eternity symbol – the possibilities are endless.
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas: Memorialize Your Life. Many couples live together before marriage. They may have purchased a home together, have a child together and/or weathered a tragedy together – all before the big day.
All of these make excellent ideas for creating unique wedding cake toppers. A cake topper that resembles the home you all purchased together; or one of you all as a family if you have a child/children; etc.
However the two of you want to represent the life you are sharing – and will continue to share together – can be represented in your wedding cake topper.

2 Tips for Choosing Unique Wedding Cake Toppers :
With so many ideas, you may have a hard time choosing the perfect cake topper. Particularly at this time when there are so many other pressing decisions to be made.
Following are two things to keep in mind:
a) There is no such thing as a perfect cake topper. The most important thing to keep in mind as you plan your wedding is that you are marrying the person you love. Everything else is secondary – including choosing unique wedding cake toppers.
b) Rely on your subconscious: As in, what about the two of you pops into your mind when you think about your significant other?
Remember, choosing unique wedding cake toppers is about savoring memories, not the topper itself.
Article Source : www.weddingcaketoppers.com/
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