Why should you choose a Calla Lily Wedding Theme? They are one of bridal favorite flowers among with roses. They are exquisite and yet delicate, setting the scene for a romantic and classic celebration.

Originally from South Africa, they represent beauty and purity. You'll find this flower in many colors, but white, pink and yellow are the most popular ones. Diego Rivera included them in many of his works, so you can also use his paintings as inspiration when setting the scene for your event.
You can find the timeless beauty of this flower in almost any type of accessories for your special day. From invitations,to the Centerpiece Set , to candles , to napkins, to celebration glasses, this beauty is everywhere!

My only recommendation is that if you decide to have also a fresh flower bouquet, decide to do so with a professional florist, due that it will be difficult to assemble the perfect bouquet yourself. The long stems can make it a challenge for you to achieve the perfection you want for your bridal bouquet.
You can use only this beauty only in white or you can have a selection of different colors. Consider also applying some butterfly items in your decorations to accentuate their beauty.
Article Source : http://www.creative-theme-wedding-ideas.com/
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