Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, when I was still at the newspaper (strange to say that), I was killing some time after deadline and ended up on Craigslist. This isn’t odd since I could spend a whole day going through the “Free” and “Missed Connections” categories for hours. I love mocking people who write about falling in love with the guy they saw “over the pantyhose display.”

Julie and I had just recently sat down with a sales rep from a big-named wedding photography company who kept saying “our photographers do photojournalism to tell your story.” When I asked her how many photographers actually went to “J” school, she gave me a deer-in-headlights look and replied “Uh…I…don’t…know. No one has ever asked me that before…”

After she said that, I had images of the guy who takes photos of children for their school picture who employs the use of a stuffed animal to get the look of wonder from the child that will eventually have a laser background.

So I had wedding photography on the mind and randomly went through the “services” section (which, let’s face it, was only created for the “personal massage” section). And here, like a sweet flower rising from a mountain of crap, was Lisa Rigby.

In short, her site was astonishing. Look at the picture above. See how it looks like an advertisement or an album cover for a band? Essentially that’s what we wanted, a commercial declaring how awesome we are.

(Random: I think the couple there might be bizarro-world Fran and Julie…right?)

So, after a sit-down at a coffeeshop in Coolidge Corner, we were convinced of the majesty of the Rigby. We know you will too.

Other things I have found on Craigslist: a bookshelf, a couch, my current job at Brafton, and a date with a one-legged woman (I wish to GOD I was joking…).

Our engagement photos were taken yesterday, so prepare to have your mind blown.

Source Article : http://shoebang.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/you-can-now-add-wedding-photographer-to-the-list-of-awesome-finds-on-craigslist/
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