Beautiful Wedding Shoes

There are more beautiful wedding shoes. People, can I tell you how good I’ve been about money lately. SO good. I’ve been saving every possible penny for the wedding. I haven’t stepped foot in Marshalls in ages, I’ve limited myself to only one chai a week if that and I haven’t bought a pair of shoes in forever. So long, actually, that I had to take a minute and think back to the last pair I bought and I couldn’t remember! Usually I can tell you exactly which pair, where they are in my closet, the precise color, fabric, texture and heel height and what the weather was like the day of the purchase.

It’s been a long time since I bought shoes.

But last night, wedged on my side of the couch, Michael asleep on the other side and a CSI re-run playing in the background, I clicked the “Buy” button on endless.com.

I felt kind of dirty. In a good way.

I told myself that it wasn’t frivolous shopping, it was wedding shoe shopping. A must! A necessity! I can’t go barefoot! And not only that, they were on sale. Be still my heart.

I know I just said I was going to stay with traditional white, but then I saw these, the exact color of my bridesmaid dresses and thought “ooooh pretty.” There was another pair with a flower that were stunning, but of course they didn’t have my size. So I ordered these and will make a decision when they arrive.
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