Printed Scarf

A few seasons ago fashion finally overcame its collective pashmina phobia and embraced decorative scarves again. Fuller versions have now taken over from giant sunglasses as the ­go-to accessory to convey that “hiding from the paparazzi” look. But a printed cotton version should now be a key component of your spring ­wardrobe, even if you haven’t slept with a famous person.

Beautiful Printed Scarf with natural printed

Fresh looks with natural green Printed Scarf

Elegant Printed Scarf with black and white printed color

Trendy Printed Scarf

Cute Printed Scarf with love print design

Beautiful Printed Scarf with red flower print

Beautiful Printed Scarf with red color and white motif

Cute Printed Scarf with natural print, looks more fresh

Fresh blue of Printed Scarf with polkadot motif

Trendy Printed Scarf with gray color of scarf
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