Trendy Belt

Belts are not just used to keep a person’s pants up but it also makes an outfit more put together and attractive. The Sharona Sharona Crystal Square Black Skinny Belt showcases beautiful rhinestone studs making it chic yet rockin’ at the same time. The Sharona Crystal Square Black Skinny Belt is perfect for accentuating your waist while wearing a cute and hip dress. It would also look great when paired with denim jeans and a fitted tee. As far as skinny belts go, most women tend to wear them on the hips than on the waist. Waist or hips, whatever works for you, the Sharona Skinny Belt definitely looks good. The skinny belt is made from faux leather and is .75 inches wide.

Exquisite in its elegance, this trendy yet classic belt is a must-have. This 9 row Crystal belt measures approximately 37" from end to end. It fits from 29" to 34". It is just over 1" wide. There are adjustable holes. Plated in Sterling Silver.

Trendy Belt with gold color

Trendy Belt with fresh yellow color

Trendy Belt with pretty design

Trendy Belt with funny beads combination

Trendy Belt with sexy mode

Who doesn’t love elephants? With their cute trunks and huge feet, they are just adorable. The Elephants in the Coconut Elephant March Belt are rotund and loveable as they appear parading in a single file. Made from sturdy coconut shell, the coconut shell pachyderms are linked with nylon cord and features wood beads made from rain tree. This trendy belt is fastened with brass hooks and will look totally sexy when paired with a short, loose fitting dress or fitted jeans. The Coconut Elephant March Belt is handmade and imported from Thailand. It measures 50.8 inches in length and 2.4 inches in width.

Trendy Belt with purple color

Trendy Belt with beautiful beads
Trendy Belt with brown color and made from leather

Simple design of Trendy Belt with black color

Trendy Belt with cute pink color
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